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Nonprofits: Choose a Mobile Solution for Donation Processing

Nonprofits depend on donations, gifts, and fundraisers to further their objectives. But accurately processing the funds taken in requires time and effort. And it has to be done correctly and reliably in order to keep the organization compliant, transparent, and focused on the bigger picture.

Most nonprofits’ staff joined up because they wanted to help make a difference, not feel glued to their desks performing tedious financial reporting tasks. Is there a way to streamline the reporting process while maintaining accuracy, compliance, and transparency?

Yes. The team at PairSoft has developed a better solution for processing gifts and donations. PairSoft’s solutions integrate with your existing ERP/CRM solution to help nonprofits work more efficiently with fundraising automation. When you compare the traditional way nonprofits have processed donations compared to our modern, green, mobile solution, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The traditional approach to processing donations

The more successful your nonprofit, the more donations and gifts you will receive and the more your team will have to process. Of course, increased contributions are welcomed, but the increased paperwork may not be.

The avalanche of paperwork and tax forms associated with donations can feel overwhelming. Your team may be bogged down trying to capture, file, and report the day’s receipts. It’s not only laborious, but the mountain of paperwork is wasteful and bad for the environment. And you can’t deny that time spent on paper-based donation processing carries a significant cost in time and resources. That will impact your nonprofit’s bottom line. It’s time to find a better accounting system.

When The United Way of Miami-Dade upgraded to a paperless solution, they cut costs related to paper, postage supplies, and file-storage space.

The benefit of a mobile solution for processing

Nonprofit leaders wear many hats and often must be in different places. They meet with existing donors, build relationships with potential new donors, travel, attend events, conduct meetings, etc. They don’t often spend their days in the office. They need a streamlined, accurate way to handle gift processing and donor records when they are on the move.

Can your nonprofit’s team process gifts and donations while attending events, traveling, or waiting for donor meetings? With a mobile, paperless gift processing application, they can access their data, monitor gift transmittal workflows, and process donations anytime, anywhere.

Go mobile

There are many good reasons to go mobile with your gift processing. Here are 4 of them:

  • Lower processing costs

    Forget all the paper, supplies, postage, storage, and upkeep. Paperless processing frees you from all those expenses.

  • Eliminate manual data entry and reduce risk of errors

    Manual data entry takes time and presents ample opportunity for error. Even experts can misread or mistype a digit, leading to inaccurate entries. A mobile app with automated document capture can precisely extract all the data from documents using your phone camera. You’ll have an immediate and accurate record.

  • Increase visibility

    Being able to process gifts and donations remotely allows your team to track workflows and keep up to date on approvals and cash flow no matter where they are. Reps have the tools to give instant feedback to clients and donors.

  • Remove bottlenecks and increase efficiency

    Mobile gift deposits and approvals lead to enhanced collaboration among teams and eliminate the inefficiency of delayed approvals. Business can progress smoothly no matter where approves are located.

Look for PairSoft’s mobile app for gift processing

PairSoft developed a new mobile app to make gift and donation entry easier than ever. This unique fundraising automation app is a game-changer. Complete documents, scan pages and images, and enter data directly from your phone with the app’s intuitive optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities.

You don’t have to wait for your field team to return to their office-based devices. What’s more, you can create custom donation processing workflows. You’ll be able to route gifts for gift batch approval, access documents and records from your CRM, and send data to your general ledger. And the ability to conduct keyword searches across all documents makes it easy to find the data you need fast.

PairSoft works with your existing tools

PairSoft integrates seamlessly with the ERPs that nonprofits use daily, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and others. Your team will no longer have to switch between tools and apps to process allocations, edit documents, create records, and more. They can do all that from a single intuitive app anywhere, any time.

We help businesses, nonprofits, foundations, and organizations of all sizes streamline their financial automation processes, save time and money, and get more done. If you’d like to see our platform and learn how it can help your organization process gifts and donations, contact our experts at PairSoft.

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