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Pontica’s Positive Impact on Environmental and Social Level

To continue their social responsibility linePontica Solutions organized two different events in Sofia and Varna in April and carried on their legacy to support the planet and the young.


The company’s active teams engages in protecting the environment by taking actions to reduce the ecological footprint and preserve nature.

Thus, Pontica committed to renovating the ‘Alley for the Blind’ at the Vitosha National Park’s Arboretum, by cleaning the trail from bushes and trees, as well as varnished the wooden fence that is designed to guide blind people while walking.

On the 30th of April, the company continued the initiative with more than 50 people from their team in Sofia who took a short trip to Vitosha mountain to take care of Iglikina Polyana and its surroundings. They cleaned up, painted the playground, and put 40 signposts in the area to make the place more pleasant and accessible for anyone who wants to explore or enjoy a relaxing and peaceful moment in the mountains. The team also refurbished a street fitness designed for people with disabilities, located in the exact same area.


Pontica’s people are dedicated to giving back to the community through the constant potential and support of young people.

Therefore, their second initiative in Varna was devoted to creating a better and healthier environment for the young scholars in the 4th Language Highschool Frederic Joliot – Curie. With the help of the students, the team planted flowers in the yard, repaired benches, and renovated their ”Green Classroom” to make it a nice place for learning and growing. Pontica are delighted to continue their collaborations with the 4th Language Highschool, and they strongly believe in the strength of this partnership.

The company encourages everybody to stay tuned for all initiatives that they will support and take part in the future ones.

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