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Letter Template to Convince Your Boss to Send You to Solve My ERP Problems 2022 Pop-Up Event

Do you want to attend the June 2022 “Solve My ERP Problemspop-up event in San Francisco but need to get the green light from your boss to cover the expense? No problem. Dynamic Communities has a nifty “Convince Your Boss” letter template that you can use to write a convincing message about the value of attending this event.

Dear Boss,

I want to attend the Solve My ERP Problems event, on June 28-30 in San Francisco, CA. The conference is educational, and workshop based where I will be able to get information about our top issues but also sit with experts to make a real plan to solve them that I can bring home and execute on.

The conference features many industry experts, keynote speakers, hands-on workshops, and networking that will significantly benefit my work but also contribute to the overall success of the company. It will save me a lot of time where I can get answers to all of my questions in one place rather than searching online for answers which takes a lot of time.

ISV’s will be there that work with our products, and I can find the ones that will most benefit our company.

They have this medic desk with staffed experts so I can also bring all of the break/fix problems we have and get free support where we won’t have to pay our partner or Microsoft.

We also have a lot of processes that aren’t streamlined and things that don’t work quite right. We are getting by for now, but I can find new ways to work that should help us.

If you could give me a list of things you want answers to, processes you see that need improvements, and/or bigger problems you see in the business I can find answers to those too.

Please check out the conference website at www.solvemyerp.com. There is a lot of buzz about this event and how it’s different. I really think this event could give us a lot of value and the total cost for the conference should be less than $2000.

Your Name

Don’t Hesitate

At the Solve My ERP Problems Conference, experts and the ERP community to create actionable plans to collaborate to solve real-world problems and transform how you do business.

There is no other event that will be as personalized as Solve My ERP Problems will be. Cut out

Register today to improve your processes, get your business questions answered, and build connections with people who are like you.

We are proud to say that ten of the fifteen sponsors of this inaugural event are ERP Software Blog members. Check the list here.

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