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How financial transformation enables retail expansion    (Free whitepaper)

1. Decreases workloads and increases productivity by automating workloads

As the pace of the retail industry continues to accelerate, it’s no wonder that so many are struggling to keep up. Finance teams worldwide are failing to meet the demands of increased business. Financial transformation gives you the tools you need to automate many of the processes which get in the way of productivity. By improving the efficiency of time-consuming workflows, teams can spend their time on value-adding tasks that enable strategic growth.

2. Improves visibility and harnesses the power of data

Most retailers have lots of data and little time. Leaders can’t make effective, strategic decisions without complete financial visibility. By transforming processes through automation and investing in centralized financial solutions, retailers can harness the power of data with a single source of truth. Teams no longer need to scramble to connect the dots between disparate systems and instead can tap into the data they need to make informed decisions.

3. Allows for a proactive rather than a reactive approach

For retailers with expansion plans, reactivity is dangerous territory. Often, the result of steep competition and the need to keep up with growing trends. Financial transformation enables teams to look beyond their competitors. With a comprehensive understanding of revenue strands, teams can invest in what’s most profitable. With more time on their hands due to automated workflows, it’s easier to conduct strategic market analysis.

4. Manages risk and enables compliance

Compliance continues to grow in complexity as global accounting standards evolve. The constant changes to regulations reflect the continuous innovation the industry is experiencing. Finance teams need systems that enable compliance to save precious time triple-checking and auditing month-ends. Non-compliance is a risk that most retailers can’t afford.

5. Increases agility so you can scale with ease

Succeeding in an industry that demands constant change requires retailers to be flexible. Financial transformation gives teams the power to pivot and adapt without risk. Fully understanding your brand’s capabilities is at the core of any successful transformation. With that information comes the ability to leverage your strengths and confidently make decisions, knowing you have the agility and tools to implement your expansion plans.

To learn more about retail transformation, download our whitepaper here or read our blog on building a financial backbone before your retail expansion fails.

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