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Solvares Group acquires Opheo – Logistics Business®

Through the acquisition of Opheo Solutions GmbH, Solvares Group It expands its portfolio to include truck dispatch and road improvement solutions in the transportation sector and continues its strategic growth path.

Solvares says that SaaS-based software provider Opheo is well suited for its strategic path. Opheo improves route planning by dispatching trucks. This industry focus is on the logistics of building materials and food and beverage, among others. The software automates the dispatch process and relieves dispatch teams from all calculations.

Thanks to AI-based route optimization and intelligent prediction algorithms, it is possible to reduce kilometers and make better use of transportation resources. Opheo combines route planning, route optimization, remote technologies, and ETA forecasting in a modern workplace environment for dispatchers and drivers – the Digital Transportation Control Center.

Opheo, which has 50 employees, is now the fourth company in the Solvares Group. The start of the group was the acquisition of FLS – FAST LEAN SMART in 2018. FLS GmbH is the leading technology company for route optimization and specializes in software-assisted real-time optimization for efficient scheduling, route planning and delivery for vehicle, expert and technical fleets.

Prior to Opheo, Austrian Impactit and Germany’s Städtler Logistik joined in 2021. Through the SaaS solution programme, Impactit offers its clients targeted and personalized tour and itinerary planning, particularly in field service improvement of sales, consulting and services. Städtler Logistik has been improving the company’s complex and proprietary logistics and transportation operations with software products such as TRAMPAS and LP/2. It has been handling governance functions such as freight audits for its clients and advising on all logistical issues for over 60 years.

With its third expansion of mergers and acquisitions this year, the Solvares Group is demonstrating its ability to grow dynamically through mergers and acquisitions. An ongoing focus is on sustainable group growth – as a team and for the benefit of all participants. Consequently, Dr. Stefan Anschutz, CEO of Opheo, will continue his leadership work at Solvares and play a key role in driving growth in the cruise improvement business sector both strategically and operationally.

“Solvares convinced me that I can continue to work as an entrepreneur, but move as part of a team with related companies and entrepreneurs,” Anschütz said. “This allows me to focus primarily on my product and my customers while benefiting from the technical know-how and synergies of the group. The joining of Opheo to Solvares Group is a driving factor for our business growth.”

Dr. Jens Steve, CEO of Solvares Group, expressed his delight in strengthening the group: “Stefan Anschütz complements our management team in the logistics field and will help us further expand the route planning sector in particular. Opheo is strengthening our penetrating power in logistics with a smart, scalable product globally applicable as well as a motivated and capable team.”

The Solvares Group is backed by its investment partner DBAG (Deutsche Beteiligungs AG). Like the Solvares Group, DBAG therefore focuses on SaaS-based solutions, a future market in logistics along the entire value chain.

Ragnar Gerdts, Board Member of Deutsche Beteiligungs AG added: “With Opheo, the Solvares Group is constantly pursuing its buy-and-build strategy to position itself as a European champion to optimize resources and grow organically and through mergers and acquisitions.”

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