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Sell ​​more at Christmas! 5 ways to add customers and tickets

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We are all looking forward to the magical Christmas season to spend with friends and family. We visit malls decorated with poinsettia, lights, and Christmas trees in search of the perfect gifts for our loved ones, while Michael Buble or Frank Sinatra plays in the background. In fact, Mexicans spend 28% of Christmas bonus In Christmas shopping.

It is an opportunity for any company to sell more, but it will depend on the product or service you offer and a good marketing strategy so as not to freeze with the arrival of Santa Claus. The personal wellness industry in which gyms such as nutrition centers and gyms operate is significantly affected by the decline in demand (except for spas and beauty salons). People prefer to spend their Christmas rewards on home repairs, restaurants, clothes, shows, trips, gifts and New Year’s Eve parties.

The advantage is that in January, a section of the population repented of the sins of December and bubble subordinate Fitness up the world. But if you find yourself in a situation where your company’s cash flow isn’t going well, December could be the end of your business. That’s why I share 5 strategies you can apply to increase sales.

1. Selling Gift Cards

Often times, not many people know what to offer in these times, especially to family or friends whose tastes we do not know. For this reason, creating a gift card with a preloaded balance is an excellent option that can be exchanged for services, packages or products that the gifted person desires. Turn your customer into your sales team, and for that, one of the strategies I suggest is to offer your customer a 10% to 15% discount for every gift card purchased. This way you will get a new customer and keep the customers you already have happy.

2. Get paid in advance

Setting a special down payment rate is an excellent option for getting a mattress that can be taken advantage of during a period of low sales. If your business model is a subscription, you can set different types of pricing. For example, if your monthly rate is 1,000 pesos, you can offer your customer a 20% discount by paying the whole year, so instead of spending 12,000 pesos annually, they will spend 9,600 pesos. He accompanies the proposal, with a Christmas bow, giving him the month of December if he dares to pay the entire 2020 annual installment.

3. Increase your value proposition

We all like to get more than we pay for. For this reason, you will have to make your value proposition more attractive and one way to do that is by selling, which relates to offering an additional product to your customer at the time of purchase (at the cost of its purchase). In this case, he will not lose your business and leave your customer more satisfied.

4. Discount coupons on the next purchase

Who does not like discounts? Stores are adept at using this strategy. When you pay at the cashier, they give you a voucher (it can be physical or digital) with a discount for your next purchase. The trick here is to set a period (called a time bomb) for its validity, so that post-Christmas sales are generated (where demand has fallen).

5. Offer your products for free to new customers

If the CPA is less than the average for the first purchase ticket, you can take full advantage of this strategy. There is always some degree of mistrust on the part of the consumer, more so if he or she does not know your product or service. For this reason, there are trial versions at a lower price or business model application named freemium , where a trial service is provided (free for a certain period) and then the full version is charged. With this strategy, you can generate more positive reviews on your social networks, more possibilities and thus more customers.

These strategies are not limited to the last month of the year, use them to increase your income. The most important thing is that you have a dashboard with indicators where you can follow the performance of each of them and thus develop the most suitable strategy for your business.

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