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What I learned from developing a brand in a pandemic with virtually no marketing budget

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When I first started working on a business plan for my fashion venture, Emilia George, someone advised me to allocate $60,000 to $100,000 in digital advertising, (a drop in the ocean compared to how much other brands spend on selling).

I’m booting my job as a working mom, I don’t have a country house, I don’t spend the summer in the Hamptons and I will never have that budget.

I am a firm believer that if there is a dollar to be saved? Spend it on earned journalism (i.e. PR rather than paid media). Our generation is growing increasingly concerned about the influence of social media, inundated sponsored posts, as well as ads popping up every 15 seconds, killing any remaining interest to keep up with our friends.

I was recently invited to speak as a guest in a fashion marketing class, and here I belie the lessons I have launched.
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It’s all marketing

I have never taken a formal marketing course before.

In my view, almost everything that is done for a brand or product group can be considered marketing activities. How is press coverage not a marketing activity if the ultimate goal of the group is to promote the brand’s service or product to a wider client base? How can participating in a pop-up event not be a promotional activity for brand recognition and sales?

There’s no reason for a startup to have such an extensive advertising plan if it has to stress spending $20 on Facebook ads per day. The more detailed and specific the activities, the more likely they are to overburden the budget and measure progress or lack thereof under each action.

Are Influencers Really Helpful?

I get a lot of questions from my co-founders about how I spend on influencer marketing.

Last month I got a sweet note from a pregnant woman living in Sydney who said all she wanted to tell me was that my article had reached someone in Sydney. So how much would I need to spend on digital advertising to get a baby in Australia inspired by my brand? It will probably cost you some money and take some sweet time to happen. But instead of paying someone to write and run ads. It always hurts when an influencer doesn’t care about our clothes.

I can share that for the $2500 I paid to an influencer when I first started, I got two sales and less than ten followers from the post. I’m not sure how many companies will be outspoken about these kinds of collaborations, but I can’t afford this game.
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Initial profit margins are your marketing costs

When I first launched, I tried to Google the term “Emilia George for Motherhood.”

There is a lot of money to be spent to have a Google keyword ranking, which is basically how easy or difficult it is for an Internet user to reach you when searching for a specific set of words. Many millennials consider wholesaling an outdated concept, but not me.

After Emilia George stepped up to Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Maisonette, we took advantage of impactful search engine optimization. The customer base these retailers offer and great SEO results can be worth their inertial measurement units. There is a fallacy people like to say that direct-to-consumer brands take all the profits. You might get revenue, but the costs of making that sale could be the reason your DTC brand can’t be profitable for very long.

It’s worth noting how many free marketing channels are available if you don’t run ads, write articles, or give interviews. For example, the Google Business Profile is one of the most powerful, yet free, tools to help a brand make its mark on the Internet. Don’t let visualizing how much you have to spend on marketing spoil your startup plans. I did not do.
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