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Find inspiration in work and in life

Written by Tyler Bray, CEO, Owner and Founder trailer parts outlet.

We are businessmen. We know the value of a dollar. But sometimes, what captivates us most are the things we can’t put a number on. Things we can’t weigh, measure, or log into an accounting spreadsheet. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the value of inspiration, and where to find it, in work and in life.

Inspiration comes from anywhere

Inspiration is not the same as mentorship. This is not always the case, but conventional wisdom says that mentorship should come from someone more experienced or usually older than you. But inspiration is not. How many of us have been inspired by someone younger than us fighting a giant battle? Or someone who has overcome a lot in order to build a normal life? If you are open and passionate about people and their stories, you can find inspiration anywhere.

But why is inspiration important to entrepreneurs?

Inspiration keeps you going when nothing else can

Only 31% of people will take the initiative to start a business, and only a small portion of them will succeed. Every day people declare bankruptcy or give up their dreams. These are stories we will never hear. Maybe only their best friends or a few strangers in the bar are the only people who hear their story.

Why did the fire die? Every successful person has failures. But they persisted. They kept moving forward beyond their reasons, and beyond their senses. I think when you’ve lost almost everything, inspiration is the only thing that can go on. This can make you pick yourself up and try again. And that’s the one thing you can’t beat. This is the one thing you cannot replace. This is the only decision, to try again, this is always your decision and always will be yours. And you can make this decision an unlimited number of times as long as you are breathing.

Inspiration is what makes entrepreneurs

My journey as an entrepreneur began when I described to a mentor the kind of life I would like to lead. I saw his creative freedom and control over his own schedule, and that inspired me. I guarantee someone is looking at you and wishing they had what you have. The more built, the more true. You are an inspiration, and you don’t even know it.

Inspiration is a way to give back

In a way, you owe the world your story. You owe her laughter, tears, tragedy, and victory for your story. Perhaps not the whole world at once, but when you conquer, no matter how big or small the victory, you return the favor. You return the favor because it lets others know they can beat, too.

You never know how far you will travel

Coming back to my previous point about inspiration coming from nowhere, you never know how far it will travel. You never know who is watching or what positive choices they will make based on your behavior. After all, the world is full of examples of people with a message or story that travel long after their death. We never know how far we can go or what we will mean to others. So cheer up, be brave, be inspired and keep going. People you don’t even know root for you to win.

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