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Record attendance at Logistics Network Conference

November 18 2021

The cooperative logistics networkThe second virtual meeting of the Assembly, which took place on 15-16 November 2021, was successfully concluded. The virtual meeting set a record attendance, with more than 140 delegates participating in the two-day online event. The collaborative logistics network hosted nearly 5,000 video conferences that allowed members to talk face-to-face with their partners, promote their companies, create long-term partnerships and expand their operations.

The impeccable organization and efficacy of the previous event ensured a greater number of attendees at this year’s meeting. Each delegate must schedule up to 30 individual video conferences with their partners for international remote project opportunities. Created by Coop’s IT team, the latest version of the meeting platform has been created for an uninterrupted conferencing experience. In addition, the Coop team was always there to assist the members in case of any sudden technical hurdles.

The event also included an online workshop where Andrea Martin, FreightViewer coordinator from Cooperative, introduced delegates to all the new features of The Cooperative’s member-exclusive bid creation platform. FreightViewer allows agents to take advantage of the industry’s digital transformation to accelerate their business processes, integrate new initiatives, meet customer expectations, and adapt to changes in market demands and business scenarios.

“It was a well-organized virtual meeting and it was seamless,” said a Coop member in Chennai, India. “I could have attended 29 meetings and had excellent meetings with everyone. Apart from talking about business, it was social and emotional as well.”

Furthermore, this year, the collaborative provided a special opportunity for delegates to engage in informal conversations with network partners during breaks. The agents had the option of getting into a room with up to five random partners and having informal conversations. Coop created this to enhance interconnection between network partners.

“The main focus of our event was to establish a good working relationship between members based on mutual trust,” said Antonio Torres, President and Founder of Collaborative Logistics Network. “The fact that we had a record number of attendees this year certainly testifies to the productivity of the event. I am confident that the meeting has done more than its goal of creating a synergistic relationship among the network members. Hopefully next year the situation will be ripe for an in-person meeting when we can again From meeting under one roof to continuing communication.”

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