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Panasonic Promotes Sustainability with Circular Computing

Panasonic hard book And Circular Computing announced a partnership that they say will transform the sustainability of robust computing. The leading European provider of powerful laptops has teamed up with the creators of the world’s first remanufactured laptops to find a more ethical, sustainable and socially responsible way to prolong the use of its powerful technology.

Circular Computing will remanufacture your TOUGHBOOK hardware—starting with the TOUGHBOOK G1 tablet computer with an expected availability in mid-2022. The organization will take old TOUGHBOOK hardware and remanufacture them for a useful second life—dramatically increasing sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. The first remanufactured G1 is expected to achieve 316kg in savings in carbon emissions per machine as it is given a second useful life.

Circular computing will take every device and subject it to a comprehensive 5 hour remanufacturing process and 360-point quality inspection to deliver unparalleled quality and consistency. The equipment will be remanufactured to BS8887 standards by fully qualified technicians within Circular Computing’s state-of-the-art production facility.

Circular computing, with the world’s first BSI KITEMARK certified remanufacture of notebooks, will ensure consistent quality of the same style in bulk, and with extensive cosmetic detailing, every TOUGHBOOK will be refinished to exacting quality standards. Circular Computing’s remanufactured consumer laptops are already very popular with environmentally conscious organizations, the education sector, and small and medium enterprises with budget constraints.

“We are very proud to be the first robust computing provider to embrace this environmentally sustainable opportunity with Circular Computing,” said Kevin Jones, COO of Panasonic Mobile Business Solutions Europe. Our goal is that in the future our customers and channel providers will never need to get rid of another TOUGHBOOK device.”

Rod Neal, founder of Circular Computing, added: “For years, the IT channel has tried to deliver a product that has been legitimately used, by calling it refurbished or ‘A’ grade but the consumer needs guarantees and consistency that you don’t get from a refurbished product. Circular Computing to achieve the same level of consistency in display range and condition as the all-new channel.

This way we can provide customers with the most sustainable laptop computer on the planet and meet all of their technology needs, while not claiming any cosmetic or technical product risks or warranty performance. This agreement with Panasonic is great news for the industry, the consumer, and us as a company.

“It’s a much more complex process of remaking a rugged device on an ordinary laptop, but both organizations have committed to solving problems and contributing to a better world through the sustainable use of technology.”

Once the remanufactured TOUGHBOOK model is available, work on other popular models in the range will follow.

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