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How to boost your email engagement before the festive season

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Many things have changed about email in the past year. While engagement has increased since the pandemic began, Apple’s recent updates to email privacy have worried email marketers.

Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection prevents senders from tracking information about who opens their email messages, making opening rates obsolete. Not knowing how many clicks your subject line has gotten can be confusing. However, open rates are not the only measures of participation. Clicks and conversions tell a better story about what your audience wants.

With the holiday season approaching, it pays to take a closer look at your email interaction. How many people click on your content? Once they come to your website, how many have pressed the “buy” button?

If those numbers are low, there are ways to help them increase.

What is a good email post?

First, let’s see what good email engagement means in 2021. Standards vary, but across the board, good click rates range from 2% to 2.60%. As for the average return on investment (ROI), it ranges between $38 and $57, depending on the industry and efforts invested.

Whether your metrics hover around these stats or not, you definitely want to increase your email results. So let’s get into some tried and tested ways to increase email engagement.

Inactive subscribers may be more than just inactive

Dealing with inactive subscribers is something every email marketer must do. Why is it important to address this issue? There are two main reasons you should not ignore:

  • People who don’t interact with your emails reduce your overall engagement. Their lack of reaction tells inbox providers that your content is irrelevant, so your emails are more likely to go to your junk folder.
  • Some inactive subscribers may have given up their email addresses for good. If they do not sign back into their accounts for more than six months, those accounts may be disabled. Moreover, ISPs and blacklist providers may recycle it and turn it into spam traps.

First, you can try to split up those passive subscribers and re-engage them with a compelling offer. Whatever your style, remove those who show no sign of life for more than six months. It is not only a lost cause, but also a danger to your ability to accomplish.

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Invalid emails and spam complaints prevent you from accessing your inbox

Inactive contacts aren’t the only ones affecting the quality of your email list and engagement. There is a plethora of malicious email addresses that may be lurking in your list. Before launching your holiday campaigns, it’s best to get rid of them.

Let’s take invalid emails: The bounces they cause affect your reputation as a sender, which can cause incoming mail providers to take you as a spammer. Bounces aside, spam complaints are more than just a nuisance – they’re an important signal for inbox providers. More than 1 complaint per 1000 emails can cause your messages to end up in spam.

For any marketer or business owner looking to boost email engagement, regular list cleaning is essential. Once you have validated your database in bulk, it is a good idea to use a real-time email verification service to keep your contacts in good shape.

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It’s never too late to evaluate the quality of your content

Once you’ve rechecked your email list, it’s time to take a closer look at your content. Does it force enough people to click on your landing pages? What type of content gets the most attention?

Isolate the best performing newsletters and campaigns and see what they have in common. Here are some aspects to help you determine why these emails are getting the best results:

  • Threads: Do these emails address a challenge that many people face?
  • Subject lines: Are they shorter than the others or just the opposite? Also, did you use text preview?
  • design: Do these emails include images or is it plain text?
  • Content Length: On average, how long are the most successful emails?

Answer these questions, and with this data on hand, replicate your audience’s favorite emails. This will not only help you boost engagement during the holidays but also build a more active and loyal list in the long run.

Some additional tips

Deleting all of these things from your list will move you forward in the coming weeks. What else can you do to get the attention of your subscribers? Here are some additional pointers:

  • Make unsubscribing quick and easy. Your email form should have an “unsubscribe” button visible so that people can opt out of your list at any time.
  • Test the deliverability of your emails before sending them. The technology available today allows you to know if your email is going to your inbox or spam.
  • Divide your list and target each group with the most useful and relevant content. Continue with automation.
  • Increase the number of emails you send during the holidays. Many companies will compete for people’s attention. Sometimes the way to stand out is to remind people of your offer – multiple times.

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