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Esports Gold Standards

The esports industry has become a popular culture due to increased activities from global investors, media and brands. It is estimated that by the end of 2021 there will be around 26.6 million esports viewers per month, an increase of 11.4% over the numbers recorded in 2020.

While these numbers sound profitable, not all esports platforms stick to their names. Many scams ended up, while others still found their way. On the other hand, some platforms do not fully appreciate the diversity among players, while others have not yet created sound game systems. This is why a team of developers led by BC Simon and Pritesh Kuchera created MetaPlay to host E-sport tournaments for all amateur players as if they were professionals. The platform seeks to change the esports experience by slowly addressing issues within the industry.

Introducing MetaPlay

At the end of October PolyPlay was hacked and funds stolen. Unlike most teams that roll and die, PolyPlay spent the first 24 hours salvaging any possible funding, and managed to save 87% of the money. Within 24 hours, PolyPlay relaunched with MetaPlay reaching $21, listed within 12 hours on market capitalization of coins, coingecko, and central exchange MEXC.

In a crypto world where trust and honor are hard to find, BC Simon and Pritesh Kucheria stand shoulder to shoulder and live for the best interests of their communities. This resulted in the most successful and fastest relaunch in cryptocurrency history. A team you can trust, a community that trusts in the wild west called cryptocurrency.

MetaPlay is a blockchain-based gaming platform built for the e-sports industry. The platform offers tournaments, staking, a staging platform with a DOXXED team and is fully transparent. MetaPlay strives to become the next driving force by being the gold standard for gaming.

Despite being relatively new to the market, MetaPlay has already started to lead the esports scene across the world. The platform has organized various tournaments in the past few weeks, including the MetaPlay CSGO, LoL, and NBA2K tournaments, to keep its community engaged. During these events, MetaPlay has seen many high level teams join to compete with players from different gaming communities around the world.

In particular , metaplay She recently launched her own driver board and feeder projects. The project has also developed a marketplace for NFTs that will go to the Wax NFT blockchain. This marketplace will allow the creation of artworks to recognize all MetaPlay partners, team members or developers.

MetaPlay uses a business model inspired by JD Rockefeller to power its operations. This model calls for internal promotion of launches, management of nurturing projects, and hiring of team members. So far, this business model has proven successful as the platform continues to record significant growth. In recent forum months, MetaPlay has seen 16,000 investors participate with around $13,000,000. Notably, during the launch, the original MetaPlay token was traded at $0.04; However, with the business and launch model on Oxbull Tech, MetaPlay has gone up significantly, and is now trading at $18.

MetaPlay has already formed various strategic partnerships to help further its mission. The platform recently partnered with the Harmony team to launch the HarmonyPad. Notably, Harmonypad, after its launch, was on an upward trend following increased investor interest in the product.

MetaPlay has also recently formed a partnership with HederaPad (HbarPad), working closely with the CEO and Hedera team. Other strategic partnerships include partnerships with Oxbull, Travala, Tenset, and others. Reportedly, these partnerships are geared toward helping MetaPlay develop a better ecosystem that will eventually put the project at the top of the chain hierarchy.

Commenting on how MetaPlay hacked the Top 100 Projects, BC Simon stated:

“We are the most sought after cryptocurrency because we do not wrongly promote ourselves or promote our products. We work 16 hours a day. We are active in a telegram from the CEO to all 112 employees. We are not sleeping, we are building. Many said we cannot maintain We’ve been at this pace for over a week or two, and we’ve had four months of that. We’re the fastest build currency in crypto, and our progress reflects that. It won’t be long until we’re truly in the top 100.”

In the coming days, it plans to launch a premium YouTube channel, hire Twitch Streamers, become pro leagues, launch a DEX gaming launchpad, and finally integrate profiles and an app.

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