DafriBank aims to make DBA Africa’s #1 cryptocurrency – Bitcoin News Press Release – News Couple

DafriBank aims to make DBA Africa’s #1 cryptocurrency – Bitcoin News Press Release

Press release. Since blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have become the force of the upcoming industrial revolution in recent years, Africa is making a concerted effort to ensure inclusion in the conversation. As a multi-purpose African bank with more than 200,000 clients around the world, DafriBank has brought the Digital Bank of Africa (DBA) project into being, aiming to make it the No. 1 cryptocurrency in Africa. Taking it a step further, the DBA has been incorporated into trading platforms such as LBank Exchange, to expand its global influence and reach.

Introducing DafriBank

DafriBank is a multi-purpose African bank that explores an easy and better way to save, make payments and manage clients’ money and business anytime and anywhere. Traditional banks are finding it difficult to cope with the demands of modern companies focused on digital technology, which has limited their growth. DafriBank solves this problem by offering exceptional digital banking that is fast, secure and cost-effective. Its goal is to democratize financial services, take people out of the vortex of the traditional banking system and encourage individuals and businesses to join and thrive in the global economic scenario.

More than 200,000 customers worldwide use DafriBank for reasons such as no hidden fees, advanced security features, ease of bill payments, and no delays. DafriBank supports personal as well as business accounts. Personal Savings Account is an account that helps customers save for financial security and peace of mind, and a business account helps customers manage daily banking and unique business needs such as investment, making it barrier-free 3research and development Party transactions, targeted savings and express international transactions.

Besides offering existing services in an exceptional way, DafriBank provides ways to integrate modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain and Digital Currency so that it is not only up to date but also well-prepared for always-changing future needs and requirements.

Aiming for No. 1 Crypto in Africa

Google Trends statistics have already revealed that African countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Ghana all consistently rank in the top 20 worldwide in cryptocurrency related searches, showing the huge potential of cryptocurrencies in Africa. But the popularity of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology solutions in Africa while commendable leaves much to be desired. To drive further widespread adoption of the still emerging technology of blockchain and cryptocurrency, more innovative use cases must be brought up to disrupt many other industries.

The solution DafriBank has come up with is DBA, a crypto-preparation to achieve elite status as the number one cryptocurrency in Africa due to the growing number of use cases designed specifically for Africans. DBA was specifically created to serve as an alternative currency used across the DafriBank ecosystem to help its users harness modern tools such as blockchain and cryptocurrency to simplify banking operations. The token was subsequently adopted as a corporate governance token for the bank. In addition to having a say in the bank’s future decision, customers can guarantee a DBA and earn interest.

Moreover, the token is backed by DafriGroup subsidiaries that operate in several industries including banking, financial, hospitality, real estate and many more. All of these companies are based on fully developed models and even without cryptocurrency they are profit magnets in themselves. The DBA token was listed on the LBank Exchange at 21:00 (UTC+8) on November 5, 2021, investors interested in DBA investing can easily buy and sell the DBA token on the LBank Exchange.

Develop with firm belief

DafriBank has a firm belief and commitment to providing an empowered, empowered and accessible digital community, which never leaves anyone behind. In this ever-changing world, it imbibes communication culture, digital skills, and relative products that can help bridge the digital divide. DafriBank also has a core belief that there is power in connectivity and digital services to enhance the resilience of economies. DafriBank believes that “it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness” and he enforces this belief by providing banking solutions that truly are: “Smart, Digital, Borderless.”

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