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Unparalleled Investment Potential by Cointelegraph

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Renowned science fiction writer Neil Stephenson coined the phrase “metaverse” in his bestselling and accomplished debut novel in 1992, snow crash. Now this concept has become a reality, and what’s more, you can invest in metaverses. in a Ready player oneOASIS is another example of advanced virtual reality. Many other science fiction authors, such as Ian M Banks, have created and used similar concepts in their novels.

Back in September, Facebook (NASDAQ:) CEO Mark Zuckerberg was clearly interested in developing the metaverse. In a recent earnings call, Facebook made it clear that they want to unite communities, creators, and e-commerce in the metaverse with Zuckerberg say:

Johnny Liu He is the CEO of KuCoin, a cryptocurrency exchange launched in 2017. Before joining KuCoin, he gained abundant experience in e-commerce, auto and luxury industries.