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Solana reached a new all-time high, surpassing Cardano and Tether to take fourth place

Solana Ecosystem (SOL) continues to see tremendous growth in the market. SOL price hit another record high on Sunday, November 7th, as is Link $260.06. Its price has increased by almost 17,500% since the beginning of the year – from 1.51 USD. SOL has surpassed Cardano (ADA) and Tether (USDT) to become the fourth largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $75.4 billion.

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At the time of writing, it is behind Binance Coin (BNB) $109 billion, Ether (ETH) $546 billion, and Bitcoin (BTC) $1.17 trillion. Even though it is close to Ethereum, there is still a huge gap between the two coins.

Meanwhile, the market capitalizations of ADA and USDT were $67.1 billion and $74.4 billion, respectively.

SOL rises after $100 million investment initiative

Solana’s rise to ATH comes after venture capital arm Solana Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners and FTX spearheaded a new investment fund dedicated to web 3 gaming, also known as GameFi. The popularity of web games has risen 3.

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The project company intends to increase SOL adoption by attracting desktop and mobile video game developers to build their projects on the public blockchain. With SOL’s recent bullish trend, many are comparing it to the No. 2 cryptocurrency Ethereum.

“Solana is the leading competitor in Ethereum,” Matt Hougan, chief investment officer at Bitwise Asset Management, said. She said to CNBC. “I wouldn’t put all my chips on it, but I’m a huge fan.”

SOL trading at $248.7 | Source: SOLUSD on

One reason for this comparison is that both ETH and SOL have smart contract capabilities. Smart contracts are simply software stored on the blockchain that run when predefined conditions are met. They are important in powering decentralized finance applications and non-fungible tokens.

“A lot of the fastest growing applications of crypto technology are built on Ethereum and depend on the Ethereum blockchain to function,” Hogan says. “If you invest in Solana, you are betting that its technological development will help it outpace Ethereum.”

Solana and the NFTs

Industry Data Aggregator NFT CryptoSlam rank Solana is the fourth-best NFT blockchain after Ethereum, Ronin, and Wax in terms of 24-hour sales. Data shows Solana had a record month for secondary NFT sales volume during September totaling $189.4 million.

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Secondary sales for Solana-based NFTs have reached nearly $500 million since the beginning of August.
The largest set of NFTs on the blockchain is the Degen Ape Academy Chain of Monkey Digital Collectibles. So far, the Mitten Monkey Academy has sold monkey NFTs worth about 986,300 soul.

Mason Nystrom, Messari Research Analyst, notes how fast the blockchain has grown to become one of the best NFT blockchains in just a few months.

He also noted that as of November 1, Solana’s secondary NFT sales have reached $500 million in just three months.

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