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The power of asking the right questions

Asking the right questions can open up opportunities you didn’t even know existed and take your career to new heights. Whether you are an entrepreneur building a business or an employee looking for ways to grow and advance in your career, the questions are very powerful.

I spoke with Naveen Jain, CEO of Viome and a serial entrepreneur with several multi-million dollar companies, to find out how he achieved his success. his answer? Always ask questions. Specifically, questions that begin with “why” and challenge common ways of thinking.

The right questions.

Simply put, the more questions you ask, the more answers you’ll receive and the more solutions you’ll discover. But it’s important to ask questions that no one else asks. By simply asking a different question, you unlock the possibility of getting dozens of different answers and ways to solve a problem. “This is the power of thinking differently,” Jen says. “I don’t think smart nor stupid, just differently.”

force of reason.

No other word has the same power as ‘why’. A simple three-letter word can change your perspective, create opportunities, and take people and companies to a level previously thought impossible. Questions that begin with “why” are usually thought-provoking and lead to more in-depth conversations and more follow-up questions.

The power of being a beginner.

When you are new to something, you approach it with curiosity and an open mind. You are motivated to learn as much as possible in a short amount of time, and the best way to learn quickly is to ask questions. As a beginner you will see things from a different perspective than the experts.

Jain believes that once you become an expert, solving a problem can become more difficult. “The most important thing when you are new is that you don’t know what each expert knows, and you can ask different questions. Once you become an expert, you are actually the wrong person solving the problem,” he explains.

The power of being an outsider.

If you want to make a profound impact, think like an outsider. Think back to the last time you had a problem trying to solve a problem. You probably worked on this for hours, trying to think of every possible solution but couldn’t find anything that worked. Frustrated, I asked someone else’s opinion. They saw things in a completely different light and were able to provide a solution that ended up working.

This is the power of being an outsider and seeing things differently. “Disruption occurs when people from outside the industry come in, challenge the foundations of the industry, fundamentally rethink, re-imagine, and re-create the new world they want to see,” says Jane. When you take an outsider’s point of view, you can think more creatively and outside the box.

The power of smaller thinking.

The trick to solving a big problem is to break it down into smaller problems. “Think about the problems that need to be solved so that the big problem is solved,” advises Jain. It is much easier to tackle something step by step than to stare at a huge challenge. By breaking a large problem into more manageable parts, you will be able to make faster progress with fewer obstacles along the way.

Three questions you need to ask before starting something new.

With all of his successful ventures, Jane began asking the same three questions: Why is this? why now? why me? He recommends asking these questions every time you start something new, as they will help you gain clarity and find direction.

why is that? Discover “Why is this?” It is very simple. “Whatever what you are trying to do, imagine that you are actually successful in solving this problem. Will it somehow help or improve people’s lives?” asks Jain. If yes, then you have found the right way to proceed. Jain also advises not to focus so much on the “how”, but rather on the “why”. The moment you start asking yourself, ‘How? “You limit yourself to what is possible,” he says.

why now? Will what you do be relevant now and in the future? You don’t want to build a business that will become obsolete in the next few years, so you need to make sure that your idea has long-term benefit and longevity potential.

why me? To answer this question, you need to know your unique perspective and value. To do this, think about the questions you are asking. “The questions you ask are the problems you solve. If you ask the same questions, you solve the same problems and become a commodity. What questions can you ask that are different from what everyone else in the industry is asking?” asks Jain.

Every question you ask opens a new path. Not all of them will lead to success, but when you find the right question to ask, it can be the key to unlocking something extraordinary.

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