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WordPress template style, reusable theme, or part of the theme

Choose the best area to edit in WordPress

WordPress is approaching about halfway through the biggest upgrade the open source software has seen since its inception. Project Gutenberg and the WordPress Block Editor have brought a lot of new terms and features. It can feel intimidating to keep up with all the new features and terminology, but we’re here to help you learn how to use and develop WordPress. Let’s learn about WordPress blocks and editable areas to use them for different purposes.

block patterns

We recently looked at Block Patterns to help you speed up your site builds, you can get them from our pattern guide, or create your own. This is a great time-saving opportunity to help you create a site layout.

Block patterns are a set of predefined blocks that you can insert into posts and pages and then customize with your own content.

When should block pattern be used?

If you want to apply the layout of many blocks, including design options, throughout your site on multiple sites, then the WordPress block pattern will help you. The intent is that creators can apply your blocking style and swap images, text, or other assets to fit the context of where the style appears.

See also: Introduction to blocking patterns

reusable block

Do you run promotional information across your site? Perhaps it draws attention to Black Friday sales across your site. But later on, you may want to switch these content semantics to whatever is included in your next promotional focus. This is where Reusable Blocks can provide for manually editing each instance. Insert a reusable block and modify it later to suit your needs. Each instance will be updated once.

The reusable block It allows you to save a block or group of blocks that you can use later in any post or page on your site. If you often add the same content to the same block or group of blocks, using the . extension reusable block It will save you time and effort.

When creating a reusable block, you will now be prompted to name the reusable block from scratch. From there, you’ll find it in the block insertion tool across your site.

When should I use a reusable template?

Reusable WordPress blocks are ideal when you want to repeat the same content, text, and everything throughout your site. Unlike block patterns, the purpose is not to edit the content within the reusable block. You can, but you want to make sure it converts to regular blocks immediately upon insertion.

At the time of writing, there has been a proposal to rename “reusable blocks”. We’ll be sure to let you know as this develops.

Molds and mold parts

Templates are slightly different from reusable blocks or block patterns. The model is intended to be used in more planning areas.

Template Editor is a new feature that allows block editor users to edit and create templates used by the page or posts. Similar to the post editor, this feature allows you to edit and create content using blocks, including some new theme templates. It is only available to creators with a block theme or a classic theme who have chosen to use this feature.

We recently looked at how to create a landing page using the WordPress template editor. This approach would include a post or an entire page, far from the standard format.

On the other hand, form fragments are smaller sections of a site that must be selected once and are visible on many sites. For example, header and footer are ideal template parts that can be created entirely using WordPress blocks.

You can create and modify template parts in several ways.

  1. Using the site editor in block-based themes while editing areas like Front Page
  2. Use the site editor in block-based themes to edit only parts of the template
  3. Go to Appearance > Template Parts and select the Add or Edit option

When should I use a template part?

Template parts are ideal for areas of the site that you don’t plan to modify often, such as the header and footer of your site. You can also group areas into templates to help you focus on what you are modifying. Before editing the entire site, templates and form parts must essentially be created using code to do so. You can now do all this within the Block Editor experience.

Manage content with WordPress template editor

You now have more options for how you can create and edit content throughout your site with WordPress themes. Reusable blocks help you keep content in sync throughout your site. Block Patterns help you apply the same layout in different areas. Template parts help you create areas that do not need frequent updating but are outside the scope of content such as posts and pages.

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