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Sound money is a prerequisite for peace, prosperity and freedom

New Hampshire’s recent bill to secede from the United States sparked interest in a liberty verse about what is actually happening in New Hampshire’s “Live Free or Die.” Our answer: We are creating the free state you have always wanted. Come join us.

A difficult century for freedom

The main political problem is how to prevent the police force from becoming authoritarian. … the history of the West … is essentially the history of the struggle for freedom against the encroachments of office-holders.” – Ludwig von Mises (The ultimate foundation of economics, the classroom. 5, point. 10)

For decades, it was easy for libertarians to lose hope. We have always been surrounded by a huge number of tyrants, threatening us with legal violence to acquiesceOur bodies, the associations of our bodies, the work of our bodies, and the products of those works and associations — according to their preferences.

Our sympathies to the persecuted innocents—blackmailed, chained, kidnapped, imprisoned, battered, maimed, murdered—are mocked, used to discredit us. Our empirical and logical arguments for better consequences if we give our political masters greater freedom are dismissed out of hand. Our moral argument based on the logical precondition of self-ownership is scorned as “selfish.”

Our optimistic dreams of awakening the masses to the beauty of human freedom are shattered year after year. Our few “successes” lie only in reducing the speed with which the world is sliding toward totalitarianism or in pushing some nominal freedom, but always with the bargaining concessions, the extra strings our masters demanded – one step forward, five steps back.

This has only worsened over the past couple of years as we have seen hundreds of millions not just accepting, but demanding, more authoritarianism. The few of us who dared cry for freedom in the face of the fabricated fear of Fauci flu have been neglected, unfriended, ostracized, fired from work, and ostracized, with the threat of even worse consequences.

Hope for freedom

“No people nor any part of the people will be held against their will in a political association they do not want.” – Ludwig von Mises (Nation, state and economy, s. 34)

But there is one (and only one) small area of ​​this world that is moving – indeed accelerating – in the opposite direction: towards greater freedom! Its successes are not due to the discovery of the perfect argument for spring at Thanksgiving dinner, nor to the enlistment of a charismatic leader in the upcoming election.

Our successes are due to a very simple strategy – concentrating those who really love freedom in one small area, and there – together – creating our free society – a homeland of freedom.

Imagine how Mormons should live if they were randomly scattered across the states. Instead, they congregate in one state where they have achieved sufficient numbers that they need not fear further abuse as an isolated and despised minority. Libertarians are more distinguished, more dispersed, more despised, however, we are also more numerous. Why don’t we focus on claiming one country as our home?

Immigration to create one free country

“Liberalism … does not force anyone against his will in the structure of the state …. when a part of the people of the state wants to withdraw from the union, liberalism does not prevent him from doing so.” –Ludwig von Mises (Nation, state and economypp. 39-40)

To the small country we ambitiously call the “free state” of New Hampshire, thousands of liberals are migrating to support an already more liberal population. We have abandoned the futile argument with the unconvincing. Instead, we migrate to build a free society with others already convinced of the same.

Yes, we must leave behind our “friends” and our authoritarian neighbors. We wish we could free them, but like alcoholics, they scoff at the freedom we offer, ignore their negative effects on us, and cling unapologetically to their destructive and unsustainable addiction. So, instead of wasting our lives on fruitless bickering – only to suffer its inevitable breakdown with them – we rededicate our lives to enjoying the actual freedom in our lives.

Gathering together, we were supporting each other, diligently building freedom. We are now progressing so fast that on the outside you notice the results and wonder how it happened, while on the inside we are no longer ignoring us, but dedicating ourselves to stopping us. But we, who have emigrated (in some cases halfway around the world) and who have witnessed the appearance of a miracle before our eyes, and, frankly, have lost faith, will not be so easily afraid.

win politically

“The right to self-determination… means: when the people of a particular territory… do not desire respect and compliance. This is the only possible and effective way to prevent revolutions and civil wars….” – Ludwig von Mises (liberalism, s. 109)

Early on, we Porcupines had to work hard to stem the mad rush towards more tyranny that befell your states. But now, our freedom base has accumulated enough political power that we have overturned, removing old, codified abuses of our rights. We have reached leadership positions. The porcupine constitutes the largest gathering within the Republican-led House of Representatives – the “majority majority”. Even the porcupine serves as the majority leader in the House of Representatives. And while most porcupines choose to support the more powerful Liberty Bloc Republicans, you won’t find a chapter of the libertarian party more grounded than the LPNH led by Mises Cucus, flattering the political class toward freedom.

We’ve eliminated entire tax categories and significantly reduced others, with the ultimate goal of eliminating them as well. While you’re fighting hard and fingernails to hold back the rapid growth of your state budgets just a bit, ours is the only state that has actually cut total government spending. We’ve eliminated regulations, and we’ve unleashed entrepreneurs and businesses. We have passed constitutional amendments to enhance personal privacy and weaken the prominent sphere. For the first time in modern history, libertarians are on the offensive.

Instead of succumbing to more and more “common sense” violations of one’s right to protect one’s own body, we enjoy constitutional carry (that is, concealed carry and unauthorized open carry), standing your ground, and the private sale of guns. We have no state magazine limits and no restrictions on automatic rifles, short-barreled shotguns, shotguns, silencers, disguised and improvised 3D firearms. We removed the knife laws. With the No. 1 most protected gun rights, and the second most heavily armed population, we have (not coincidentally) the lowest murder rate in the United States.

We’ve repealed anti-homeschooling laws and moved to expand parents’ options for using their taxable money for homeschooling, private education, and yes, even parochial education.

We were the first state to legally decriminalize cannabis, and we are now working to ensure that New Hampshire residents face minimal taxation, regulation, and a government monopoly on cannabis. New Hampshire is known for not needing seat belts or motorcycle helmets. Heck, you can even drive without insurance.

We have campaigned successfully to allow police videotaping, to inform jurors that they may invalidate unreasonable laws, and to declare police in violation of citizens’ rights. As the BLM and AntiFa burn your towns to demand more authoritarianism, we apply liberalism – and peacefully crack down on causal (i.e. authoritarian) abuses they are directed against, such as qualified immunity, asset forfeiture, victimless crimes, licensing, surveillance, etc.

beyond politics

“The condition of having to belong to a state to which one does not wish to belong is no less difficult if it is the result of an election than if one has to bear it as a consequence of a military conquest.” – Ludwig von Mises (liberalism, s. 119)

But if you believe that the benefits of living among a concentrated liberal population were only the reduction of legal coercion, you would miss out on what most Liberal Staters believe to be its greatest benefits.

The recognition and support our large community gives to every porcupine – regardless of their preferred form of activity – is exceptional. Instead of ridicule, reproach, and shame, we are surrounded by individuals who chant our love of peace, willingly cooperate and insist on consent. Instead of wasting energy in vain explaining the negative consequences of government coercion, our growing society is working to remove the source of the problem. We invest in friendships with people who want to liberate us, not with those who (perhaps unconsciously) vote to expand our enslavement.

Liberty Clubs across the host nation for debates, dinners, dances, games, comedy nights, movies, debates, demonstrations, collaborations and more. Dozens of freedom organizations meet regularly and work together to restore power and rights to individuals. Our liberated entrepreneurs outrun the friends of the authorities, and our writers, videographers and podcasters separate freedom for the world. Every day, we struggle with the Free State “problem” of choosing from many fun, fun, and life-enhancing Freedom events.

We are the number one user of cryptocurrency in the country. Farmers manufacture products and services and trade them outside markets that the government stumbles upon. We have a wide choice of homeschooling cooperatives, conflict mediators, food sources, teachers and coaches, home birth, reading groups, personal, spiritual and religious groups, etc.

And the one thing that binds us together – throughout the broad, diverse, vibrant and mutually supportive society of liberty – is that we will not initiate violence against one another – neither we ourselves nor we through a government agent.

final state

“Liberty is more likely to have room to thrive in a world with many competing jurisdictions rather than one irresistible jurisdiction.” –Thomas E. Woods Jr. (Avoidance: What you’ll never learn in school )

As we build the foundation for our beacon of freedom, we invite more freedom lovers to speed up our construction. We cannot know which of the infinite number of potential liberated societies would arise from the distributed efforts of tens of thousands of libertarians building a liberated society from the bottom up. What we build will necessarily be a function of those among you who respond to our call.

Perhaps the brilliance of the light that we build together will eventually inspire more people to end the slavery of rulers. Or perhaps we simply live our lives in peaceful freedom while outside authoritarian states continue to psychopathically threaten each other and dismantle their subjects. Whether the free state ignores, abolishes, inspires, or disengages remains to be determined, but our focus today is on what is in our direct control: where we choose to live; who we choose to associate with; And what kind of society do we choose to build.

One thing we free statists know for sure: we cannot beg the tyrannical great majority to create a free society for us; They are authoritarian. They do not want to live in a free society. A liberated society requires a great concentration of freedom lovers who gather together, and are committed to building that society. If you love freedom, visit us. We are sure that you will fall in love with the emerging free country and will inspire you to roll up your sleeves to make it happen faster. Together we will create our one free state in an irretrievable world.

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