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New classification promotes use of EPAL platforms

Under what conditions can an EPAL Euro pallet not be replaced? Is European pallet quality reduced by wood chipping or label residue? How do you know if the pallet is suitable for the high racking system? What is the optimum quality for automated processes? These and many other inquiries are answered in EPAL’s Quality Rating and Terms of Exchange. The new version of the Quality Rating and Terms of Exchange has been approved by the EPAL Board of Directors.

The eV European Billet Association (EPAL) Reviewed quality rating and exchange terms in close collaboration with retail, carriers, pallet service providers and repairers. The new version of the EPAL Quality Classification still includes the distinction, generally recognized in the market, between new EPAL Euro rigs, and used EPAL Euro pallets of Class A, B and C. The new group “Unsorted pallets” covers platforms mixed by exchange pool participants EPAL and are exchanged one-to-one without being presorted.

Quality rating for EPAL Euro pallets provides users with an easy way to agree to the delivery of a specific quality of EPAL Euro pallets used when purchasing or replacing EPAL Euro pallets that meet the specific requirements of an individual user. This increases the effective deployment of the EPAL Euro platforms used.

Jean-Philippe Gossorg, President of EPAL France and Vice-President of EPAL, said: “An important strength of the EPAL Euro platform exchange pool is the flexible use of EPAL Euro platforms of all ages and quality classes to suit the different needs of different sectors and companies. The new EPAL Quality Classification makes this even more so. ease and effectiveness.”

The EPAL quality rating has become more important in recent years. Originally formulated for the German market in 2011 by EPAL Deutschland and GS1 Germany, EPAL’s quality rating has been approved by several national committees. The increasing number of user inquiries was also a clear indication for EPAL of the growing popularity of quality ratings.

EPAL has taken the opportunity presented by these inquiries from the market to make the criteria for distinguishing quality classes more precise and explicit and to focus more strongly on practical demands and the international use of quality classification. The new version of the Quality Rating and Interchange Terms will be available in more than twenty languages ​​by the end of 2021. The Quality Rating will also be included in the new EPAL application at the beginning of 2022 to facilitate its use. Doing excercise.

Roman Maliki, President of EPAL Polska and member of the EPAL Board of Directors, said: “Cross-border supply chains and the increase in the management of digital platforms mean that the terms of use and exchange of EPAL Euro platforms should be the same in every country and be easily understood by all users. The new version works From the quality rating and exchange conditions agreed by all EPAL National Committees to improve the exchange of platforms across Europe.”

The EPAL exchange terms and quality rating are now published in a single document with a new contemporary design. The smooth exchange of EPAL Euro pallets and the authorized repair of damaged EPAL Euro pallets require clear rules. The way the EPAL exchange terms are set in the new version better fits these requirements.

Pierre Kleinen, Managing Director of EPAL Suisse and member of the EPAL Board of Directors, added: “The EPAL Euro Exchange Pool has the EPAL exchange terms in its institution. Nothing has changed in this regard with this new version of the quality rating and terms of exchange. EPAL’s only terms of exchange will remain in effect in the future even if it is not possible to agree on a specific quality class according to the EPAL Quality Classification. “

The quality rating and terms of exchange for EPAL are already available for download in several languages ​​from the EPAL website.

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