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The penetration of inflation into the macro markets. from where from here

We apologize in advance for some content that may be confusing to follow. But if this were easy, anyone could do it, right? There are a lot of balls in the air; Balls known as inflation versus deflation and most time frames.

The media presents inflation because this man picks expensive fruits. Wait till it gets to the meat department! You can click on the graph for the article at CNBC.

Meanwhile, Biden’s Secretary of Information (Finance) Janet Yellen has told us that all this cost-push inflation about to rush into the economy will actually be anti-inflationary because it actually reduces some costs (in wonderland, anything is possible) .

Treasury Secretary Yellen says spending bills will be anti-inflationary, and will cut important costs

Speaking from Rome, she insisted, “What this package will do is reduce some of the most important costs, what they pay for healthcare, childcare. It’s anti-inflationary in that sense as well.”

Well, these are noble goals. But Janet please, to be completely transparent you should paraphrase this way…

“What this package will do is reduce some of the most important costs, what they pay for healthcare and childcare. We take the inflation that is already created (printed) by the Federal Reserve, which has added more monetary units for each limited assets, services, commodities, human resources and we have chosen Within that our favorite areas to take advantage of. Then you see, we are able to promote the wonderful things that we do for specific beneficiaries while the inevitable (paid) tax is paid to the general economy and the population in general pays for this beneficial action for specific areas. So come To think of it let me just say we’re sweeping inflation under the rug here and handing it there. It’s really a zero-sum game but the WTF wants me to say it publicly?

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