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3 Ways to Use a Virtual Assistant to Grow Your Online Presence (and Sales)

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We live in the information age, which is why increasing your online presence (and therefore sales) is critical to every business. A Virtual Assistant (VA) can help you generate leads and even research you for a fraction of the cost of an in-house employee!

If the above statement seems unrealistic to you, allow me to share some ways that can help increase your bottom line:

Lead generation and sales prospecting. VA can search for ideal clients on LinkedIn. My VA maintains their contact information in our ideal client database, handles the ideal client’s postings and sends them a contact request or follow-up message.

Social media sharing. VA can help you interact with your audience on social media and turn your meaningful connections into valuable relationships.

Customer Relationship Management. VA can help you with customer relations by attending your meetings and taking minutes, updating your CRM with relevant information about your customers and/or potential clients and creating model proposals. They can even follow up on all the potential business that gets looped and cost you money.

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Up your game with VA

Having one or more team of trusted advisors working with you is a recipe for improving the quality of business and work. Many people agree that subsidized aid is the much-needed source of relief amid this pandemic. A VA’s job can range from answering phone calls and making reservations to keeping your inbox and calendar organized.

Having a strong team of virtual assistants is a major lifesaver. Virtual assistants can always take care of the small tasks so you can focus on the big picture. Having a VA allows you to save your time and focus on the most important activities so you can thrive.

To be honest, I never liked the term “virtual assistant”, because it’s so broad. It is best to hire people for specific skill sets. For example, I call my virtual assistant the executive assistant. It does all my executive tasks, like responding to my comments on social media, scheduling appointments and running my calendar in practice. She specializes in organizing my life and making me look good every day. Give her the opportunity to become the best at what she does, and grow to take on more responsibilities over time.

Never set a generic “virtual assistant”; Instead, hire specialized people. Here’s the truth about the success of my hypothetical team of professionals: I don’t like people doing frivolous tasks. I want people to be smart. I want people to find better ways to do things. I don’t want to babysit people all the time about what to do. I want someone who can proactively say, “Maybe there is a better way to do this.” I’d rather hire someone who’s really good at one thing, than someone who has little experience with a lot of things.

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Having a constant flow of leads on your sales pipeline is important to your business, and you don’t have to do it yourself. I used to wear a lot of hats like most entrepreneurs. Today, all I have to do is tell people how amazing my team of 100+ assistant assistants is.

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