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3 Tips to Avoid the Monday Blues

As the weekend winds down, many professionals begin to get nervous just thinking about what awaits them at work on Monday morning. For some, it’s just a looming Sunday afternoon.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Monday is just another day in the week.

Monday will always be very busy as it starts a new week. But there are ways to make Monday less stressful.

1. Prepare properly for Monday

On Friday, once the work of the week is complete, take some time to prepare for Monday. Maybe there is some time to move on to work next week. Make a list of things to do next week so you can go into the weekend with peace of mind and avoid any Monday morning surprises. Good time management throughout the week can help balance the daily workload.

For employers, you may want to consider easing into Monday morning meetings. Meetings are important to ensure that everyone within the company is on the same page and working towards the same goals. However, there is no rule stating that it must be held on Monday morning. The meeting can be held on a Monday afternoon or any other day of the week instead.

Additionally, good communication with the workforce throughout the week goes a long way to making sure that any meetings that are held go through efficiently and not be prolonged.

2. Go to Monday to have a good rest

Relaxed woman at work on Monday morning

Weekends are the time to catch up on things and have a little fun. As a result, rest and relaxation can sometimes fall to the wayside.

In an ideal scenario, most weekend activities will be completed by late Sunday afternoon, giving you the opportunity to relax, unwind and get a good night’s sleep. Going in on any low energy business day will have a negative impact, but more so on Monday because it will likely set a negative tone for the rest of the week.

Go into Mondays with as much energy as possible and set a productive tone for the rest of the week, then maintain a healthy work-life balance for the rest of the week.

3. Change your view on Monday

happy man at work on monday

Many professionals are programmed to dread Monday. But, what if that is more mental than reality? Ask yourself, is Monday worse than any other day? In most cases, it probably isn’t. And even if that is the case, the way you decide to approach the day can determine how the rest of the day goes.

Many unpleasant things in life can be improved with a positive attitude. Look at Monday as a fresh start, a clean slate. You are about to meet a new work week and Monday is your first impression.

It’s also helpful to give yourself something to look forward to every Monday. It might be going out to lunch, happy hour after work with co-workers and friends, or maybe having a special family dinner out every Monday. It could be something as simple as a workout at the gym, a movie, or a game night.

Whatever the case, having something fun to look forward to every Monday makes the day seem more manageable and adds positivity to it.

Continuing to approach Monday with awe and negativity will only make things worse, so turn it into a positive experience.

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