Oh, mice! Popeye forced to close after viral video of rodent infestation went viral. – News Couple

Oh, mice! Popeye forced to close after viral video of rodent infestation went viral.

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Do you want a rat side with that?

One of Popeye’s locations is under fire (so much that it’s closed) after a video of a former employee went viral showing a number of mice in the kitchen.

TikTok user Ricardo Land (@blaqazzrick01) He posted a two-minute video (now viewed over 2 million times) that started with him standing outside in Washington, D.C. before viewers walked to and through the restaurant hours later.

“Watch this thing here,” he said, before opening the kitchen door. “are you ready?”

As soon as the light turns on, a mouse can be seen rushing across the floor immediately. Then he points the camera at the wall, where at least a dozen rats begin to climb the wall.

“Oh my God,” the earth whispers. “Look at them!”

majed_almajd # morning_sound_morning – original sound –

He starts hitting trying to get more mice out of their lairs, and more starts running around on the floor.

“Do you still like that chicken from Popeye’s?” Land asks, turning the camera back to face him, and speaking to what appears to be another employee, he says he’s seen about 15 rats the night before.

Naturally, troubled customers came out in the comments.

“If you see 15, there are 30 more you haven’t,” said one user eerily.

Another joked: “These are night-shift employees preparing for the first shift.”

Others considered Land a “hero” and thanked him for keeping the capital’s food “safe”.

“You saved a lot of lives by posting this,” one man wrote. Can you imagine people [ate] there and fell ill? Thank you.”

But the Ministry of Health did not take matters lightly.

The New York Post The tweet mentioned a tweet displaying a photo on DC Popeye’s front door saying that the restaurant was “ordered to close until further notice due to violation(s) of the District of Columbia Food Code regulations,” which “represents an imminent health risk to the public.”

“Food safety and hygiene is a top priority at Popeye’s. This restaurant is temporarily closed, and the franchisee that owns and operates this location is taking appropriate steps to address the issue,” a representative of the chicken chain told Inside Edition.

However, former Popeye employees are now under fire for exposing the restaurant.

Land posted a TikTok follow that captioned “When they tease you to do the right thing” shows a GoFundMe page revealing that he was suspended from the restaurant for exposing the infection.

Tweet embed

When they misrepresent you for doing the right thing, please help

♬ COMMA $ – Curtis Roach

“I will not be able to pay rent for food or any other necessities to maintain my house,” he wrote. “You beauties, I ask you to donate please.”

GoFundMe has raised more than $1,7563 as of late Thursday afternoon.

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