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LinkedIn® Levers: Plan Your Ten-Minute Battle

How much do you really know about…

  • …the five most important customers you want to be sure of keep?
  • … the five people you connect with on LinkedIn® who are most likely to link you to brand new accounts that you want takes over?
  • …the top five ex-clients you want Recovery?
  • … the top five accounts where you want sought Your current share of the business?

Add these numbers and you get twenty numbers, a number that, when it occurs, is rounded to approximately the number of working days available to sales professionals in a given month. Here’s a simple and powerful three-step idea for you and your team that will enable you to take full advantage of that interesting coincidence.

  1. On the first day of every month, invest the time to figure out who’s calling each of those 20 strategically important slots.
  2. Use Sandler’s LinkedIn® Levers Tool (reproduced below) once each working day, for a maximum of ten minutes, approximately One of people on your list.
  3. At the end of the ten-minute period, use your research to create and implement the type of communication that supports a new discussion with the person and/or organization you are seeking. For example: Ask a mutual contact for an introduction to a potential ally you have identified. Or, if you’re already connected to the person you want to talk to, congratulate them on that recent promotion they just listed. Or ask them for their opinion on the direction their industry is going, based on the white paper they just published. Or contact us for more information about their charitable work. It all depends on what your ten minutes revealed!

By following this simple plan, you can identify critical information that facilitates establishing or deepening relationships, sparking new introductions, identifying new reasons to connect… and yes, unlocking important new business opportunities. Those 10 minutes a day may be the single best investment of your time during the entire month.

Here’s the LinkedIn® Levers Tool, a focused, easy-to-use checklist that helps you get the most out of your LinkedIn connections. Fill the spaces! Put it to work every day!

LinkedIn® Leavers

Customer search:

Do you have any mutual relations with the client? ________________

How many connections does the customer have? _________________

What college did you attend and what degree did you get? _________________

What is the customer’s hometown and current city? ________________

Where did the client work previously? ________________

How much time did the client spend in previous jobs? ________________

What companies and groups does the client follow? ________________

What kind of information does the customer publish/share? Who are the influencers that the client follows? ________________

What activities and interests does the client list? ________________

What industry groups does the customer belong to? ________________

Does the client support others? Is the client being adopted a lot, and if so, for what? ________________

Was the client recommended by anyone? If so, who? ________________

Does the client support any charities or initiatives? If so, which ones? ________________

Company search:

How does the company present itself on its profile? Are there major themes? ________________

Who are the competitors identified in the company’s See Also section? ________________

Do you have any contacts with former employees? ________________

Is the company currently hiring full-time employees? In what areas? ________________

What are the main products/services that the company highlights in its profile? ________________

Can you select any contacts after scrolling through the company’s employee list? ________________

It’s easy to fall into a rabbit hole and spend a lot of time on the Internet doing research. LinkedIn® Levers helps you avoid this problem, by focusing your efforts and helping you allocate your time effectively. So: count your time. Get as many answers as possible for each person on your list. Then, when the time comes… use what you just learned to access and share.

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