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How to Succeed in Mining in the 21st Century [PODCAST]

Mike Montague interviews John Russo, award-winning Sandler coach and author of the bestselling book, Prospect The Sandler Way and the new book with Mark McGraw called 21st-Century Prospecting.

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In this episode:

  • Best Attitude, Behavior, and Technique for How to Succeed in Prospecting in the 21st Century
  • How to find the right place between pushing too hard and never asking for a sale
  • Technology is your metronome, not your factor
  • Briefness is your friend in digital communication
  • End your call to action with a question mark
  • Is “liking” someone’s content a prospecting strategy?
  • Use third party stories
  • Ask clarifying questions
  • It doesn’t take long to set up a call or appointment
  • It takes 8 seconds to sell a 3-5 minute conversation
  • Use a business tone of voice

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The How to Succeed Podcast is a free public podcast from Sandler Training, the global leader in sales, management and customer service training for individuals all the way up to Fortune 500 companies with more than 250 locations worldwide.

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