Latest News Update: Asian stocks rise after US Federal Reserve decision – News Couple

Latest News Update: Asian stocks rise after US Federal Reserve decision

Mexican lawmakers said Wednesday they hoped for full approval of a radical energy reform through April, the same day the US ambassador said he had expressed concern about the proposal.

Energy constitutional reform, proposed in October, seeks to secure the state’s grip on electricity, eliminating independent regulators and nationalizing future lithium production. Mexico’s private sector has expressed deep concern about the bill and said it will make energy dirtier and more expensive.

In the US government’s first public criticism of the bill, Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar said earlier on Wednesday that he had expressed serious US concerns about reform in meetings with the Mexican government.

“We are committed to continuing our dialogue on these critical issues,” he wrote on Twitter.

A deputy for Morena, head of the National Energy Party Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, said the delays previously reported in the bill were incorrect. He said the House of Representatives will debate the bill in December.

Representative Ignacio Mir Velazko said on Twitter Wednesday evening that they had sought approval in the House, Senate and local councils by April 15.

“We insist that generation company owners and executives participate in the discussion,” he wrote.

This article has been updated to include the latest comments from Morena’s deputies.

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