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API-enabled pricing solution for any ERP

Most companies that work with a standard ERP system often find themselves in a bind when faced with the task of finding a suitable pricing solution that cooperates well with their system. One of the advantages of an API-enabled pricing solution is the flexibility it offers when integrating with any ERP system – it allows pricing to be configured however you need it.

Rockton Price Management Integration:

Our innovative price management solution, Rockton Pricing Management, built on the outside with an API so that it can connect to any ERP solution, making itWork simpler and easier® For companies using systems such as Microsoft Dynamics GP or Acumatica.

Pricing Management Challenges

Unfortunately, many traditional ERP systems offer only limited pricing calculation functionality, which means businesses often find themselves constrained and in need of an external solution. With this in mind, we have designed a flexible, multi-platform pricing solution that is more powerful than any other pricing tool on the market.

Our price management software is designed to set pricesSimpler, easier and faster By enabling users to easily set up all price changes in real time. It gives revenue managers the tools they need to automate any ambiguous pricing scenario and complex calculations. What’s more, through files History driven Pricing management, you can ensure that the right price is offered to each customer segment at the right time.

ERP pricing options

Organizations have a number of options when it comes to calculating and managing prices for their products or services. Often times, companies can find the task of manually handling multiple price lists, rebates, and dynamic pricing stressful.

The basic pricing options built into an ERP system usually allow only basic functionality, such as creating and assigning price levels to customer segments. While it is relatively easy to set up and get the job done in terms of getting your desired rates, you don’t get access to any advanced features beyond simple transactions.

We have solved this problem by developing a pricing management solution capable of handling all the complex calculations and advanced pricing scenarios businesses encounter in their day-to-day operations, which standard ERP systems are not equipped to handle.

Our pricing tool is designed to revolutionize your company’s pricing strategy, allowing revenue managers to set up more complex pricing scenarios than the built-in tools that come with your organization’s preferred ERP system.

Our powerful pricing solution integrates seamlessly with the built-in ERP pricing tools, keeping all the current rates you set up, and unlocking a host of new functionality that you can use to expand upon. You can add accounts to your standard rates, make adjustments, and set up rules that trigger certain conditions.

Features like filters are designed to meet all of your pricing needs and provide greater flexibility in pricing management than your ERP price manager. Far from being a standard pricing solution, Rockton Pricing Management can adapt to your requirements, no matter how simple or complex they are. You’ve got it covered!

Download a file Pricing Strategies Checklist To learn more about our unique Pricing management tool.

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