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How long will it take to upgrade to a new Cloud ERP solution?

Have you reached the point where your old ERP no longer provides the functionality you need? Perhaps you have finally decided to switch to an all-in-one cloud ERP solution just like Microsoft Dynamics 365BC (Business Center). But what about how long it will take to implement a new system, and what about disrupting your daily work?

Migrate to the cloud from legacy on-premises ERP

Implementing a new or developed ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution is a big project, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. One of our clients, a global apparel and accessories manufacturer headquartered in the United States, asked for our help. On-premises legacy ERP solution can no longer meet their needs. They wanted to replace it with more capacity, but were worried about disrupting their head office and their other 10 international locations. And they only had three weeks!

It was a tough job, but the Western Computer team made a plan to complete the migration in just 19 days. I wonder how we did it? Take a look at this Recorded a DynamicCon session Presented by Project Manager Maher Maleki and Dynamics Practice Manager Greg Williams. It is impressive to note that since all of this happened during the pandemic, we were able to manage and deliver the project remotely.

Task deadlines to keep schedule

The video goes into detail about the project and also discusses some of the lessons we learned along the way. If you’ve ever needed to quickly implement an enterprise application, you’ll want to consider these practices that led to success.

Success began with a firm commitment from the client’s internal leadership team. They needed to allocate personnel resources and be available to make real-time decisions when needed. With such a tight timeframe, it was essential that everyone from the CEO to the end users were on board and fully committed to the project. This included being prepared to work long hours, sometimes on weekends.

To help stick to our schedule, we’ve set task deadlines that are measured in hours instead of weeks. For example, when we needed data or tables, we requested that they be available within 2-6 hours. We grouped parallel workflows so we can deploy different modules simultaneously. We have arranged for data migration and training sessions to take place concurrently.

Training is crucial

Training and education were essential to the success of the project. First, we trained the management team. They in turn guide the end users. All users also had access to online learning resources. With e-learning, users moved at their own pace, watching and rewatching videos as needed. But they had to get sick according to the predetermined schedule.

Another valuable measure is the measured practice approach. Instead of asking users to create test sales orders and perform other transactions, we dictated how many transactions they should complete and how many record fields they needed to update. This way, we can make sure they understand how Dynamics 365BC works and know where individual users need help.

Avoid domain creep

The stated goals and plans to reach them must be respected. Scope creep (deciding well in the process to add more features than agreed upon) can quickly derail any project. For this project, the scope included Financial Data (GL, AP, AR, Banking), Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, and Inventory. The client agreed to lock the field for the entire project to meet the target deadline.

Any additional requests were politely but firmly refused. We told them they could definitely consider additional jobs in the post-live follow-up phase. Other functions can include advanced financials (fixed assets, cash flows, budgets, and automated bank reconciliations), warehouse management, third-party interfaces, custom plugins, and electronic data interchange.

The customer wanted to add Power BI for reporting but agreed to wait until the second stage. We assured them that the initial setup of Dynamics 365BC has paved the way for a smooth second phase.

Watch the video With all the details Maher and Greg shared to learn additional lessons and find out how Western Computer achieved this 19-day implementation. There is also a follow-up session that answers questions for business leaders who are considering a move to cloud ERP.

And if you’re not in a hurry to deploy a new ERP solution, be sure to check out Western Computer Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation for 8 weeks an offer. We have experience in many industries delivering ERP applications that provide quick time to value and welcome the opportunity to help your company complete the journey. Call Our experts at Western Computer today.

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