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Education Ecosystem Set to Become YouTube’s Largest Crypto Channel for Developers – Bitcoin News Press Release

Press release. Environmental Education System (LEDU), the leader in project-based online learning, is excited to announce that it is currently creating over 1,000 video projects for the CMC Top 100 blockchains to teach developers how to create new applications related to financial applications, decentralized marketplaces, games, crypto wallets, and more. . With more crypto exchanges releasing APIs and SDKs, Education Ecosystem seeks to bridge a gap where crypto developers do not have tutorials and resources to learn how to build crypto products.

EcoEducation believes that creating these projects, which entail tutorials and downloadable resources to assist learners, will encourage learning and innovation in crypto products across the best exchanges and platforms. According to the CEO, Education Ecosystem is rolling out this development as part of its effort to be the leading learning platform for mid-level to expert developers in Youtube.

While announcing this major development, the CEO noted that the developers of the educational ecosystem have started building projects for some of the top blockchains including Binance, Polygon, Solana, Cardano, and others.

About the environmental education system

LEDU is a project-based learning platform that teaches professional developers and students how to build real products in areas such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, data science, game development, and programming. Content is organized around projects as learners learn from watching experienced developers build hands-on products. The Environmental Education System uses the utility code LEDU to operate its ecosystem.

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