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4 Reasons Why It’s a Smart Choice for Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs

For start-up entrepreneurs, balancing the need to fill different roles along with containing costs can be a formidable challenge. Whether it’s customer experience, human resources, information technology, marketing, sales, research and development, or accounting and payroll, many of the business processes needed to launch and grow an organization can quickly devour even the largest funding rounds. For cost-conscious, but growth-oriented founders, the best solution is to outsource BPO services to the Philippines.

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The most obvious advantage is the potential for savings in staffing costs. From call centers to back office support and more, the Philippines has built a world-class workforce, with an average hourly rate for a premium BPO agent of $12-14 per hour. When compared to $24-28 per hour for a similar role in the US, a smart entrepreneur can make 50% instant savings by partnering overseas with the same types of premium sellers as multinational companies like Facebook, Google, Alibaba and Slack. and GitHub with,” says Ralph Ellsberman, CEO of PITON-Global, an award-winning call center in the Philippines.

And if you’re not sure what service or role you need to cover, outsourcing allows business owners to test different business models before allocating resources. Now consider the benefits of working with a single external provider rather than hiring multiple contractors locally or hiring full-time employees in different geographies or time zones. Having a single relationship mitigates risk and ensures that there is no potential for uncoordinated efforts – a common problem when working with multiple vendors.

“Many companies start considering outsourcing as an option after they reach a certain level of growth and/or to deal with a surplus of work. The best model is to partner with a business outsourcing service early on and hand over specific work to a specialist.

The Philippines boasts an impressive workforce of 1.2 million agents working in a variety of specialized roles. And these are not just jobs for beginners; Thousands of support professionals receive specialized training and education in their chosen field, whether it’s information technology, accounting, digital marketing, or research and development.

Additionally, consider the flexibility associated with using outsourcing for your outsourcing operations in the Philippines. For example, as your business grows and begins to develop new offerings, there may be a need to hire salespeople at each new office location. Depending on the city, these roles can be expensive.

At the same time, your global operations will need to expand to keep up with demand. This often means assigning C-level roles such as controllers, managers, and support staff across multiple departments. While you can handle these roles internally by bringing in additional permanent employees or through remote workers in other countries, there are huge benefits associated with flexibility.

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Outsourcing allows you to keep costs low by paying only for services needed today while enabling growth with a provider that can increase or decrease costs as needed. This is especially true if you need certain skills or experience that you don’t have on your team.

“In a digital and technological world, many companies require specialized technology necessary to support everything from accurate financial transactions to data aggregation. While the in-house IT department is well positioned to handle these types of high-tech projects, this means working with multiple vendors. and trying to manage their interactions,” Ellspermann explains.

A business outsourcing partner has the resources and infrastructure to provide access to global services no matter where you operate. And because it serves multiple industries, it means you don’t have to worry about whether the technology will meet your needs.

Whether you need communications software for customer service representatives, data mining services to gather demographic information, or employees with special skills to handle high-tech jobs, there is a company in the Philippines that can meet your needs. And in many cases, they will do so without requiring you to create an entire IT department just for these services.

Partnering with an experienced outsourcing service provider like PITON-Global in the Philippines means getting experienced and knowledgeable professionals at a fraction of the cost with the ability to grow with your organization as you do.

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