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What happens to your social networks when you die?

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We’ve all wondered what’s happening to us digital identity Once we die. There is a real fear of someone getting into the accounts and discovering some of our secrets or using the information incorrectly. But don’t worry, because although that happened in years past, there are now many options for securing your digital desires after your death. Technology has opened doors for organizations responsible for social networks and allowed to develop Applications This will allow you to organize your affairs before leaving.


Facebook social networking site

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when it’s bigger Social media The platform realized that its users were starting to die – according to the data revealed by the page, about 30 million people with a Facebook account had died in the past 10 years – they decided to take action on the issue. Now they have different options so that each person can make the decision that suits him best.

One of the things you can do is notify the page that in the event of your death, your profile will be converted into a memorial. To achieve this, you have to activate the option you prefer, and if you die, one of your friends or family has to notify Facebook so that it eventually changes its configuration. This option allows your friends to continue posting on your profile which becomes a mural of Celebrate in your life .

You can also indicate that in the event of death, your account is permanently deleted. For this you will need an old contact or someone who shows that they have legal access to all your stuff. It’s an important job, so think carefully who might be a good old contact.

It is important to say that if the legal requirements of the old person to be responsible for the account are not met or they close it, the account will remain open.


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Instagram has a similar policy to Facebook in that you can also “memorial” your account. To do this, one of your relatives or legal representative must inform the company of your death and submit a request to turn your profile into a “memorial”. They can also request account closure. The application will be valid if they provide the relevant documents which include the birth and death certificate and proof that the person making the application is the legal representative of the deceased person.


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We have good news, because Twitter has a very strict policy regarding the death of its users: no one can log into an account after the death of its founder – of course, as long as one does not have the passwords available.

The only thing you can do is ask to close the profile, but this can only be done by an immediate relative of the owner by providing a copy of ID and a copy of the death certificate. So if you want to erase your Twitter footprint after your death, we advise you to leave it as is so that your family members can act when necessary.

Email messages

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Almost all companies respect the user very much and it is difficult to get their contents – even more if it is a postal company like Gmail -. You can cross out the option in your config so that no one gets this information. On the other hand, you can allow someone to manage your account after your death or your family or legal representative can request access.

What do you think of these platforms? Will you use any of these options when it’s time to leave Earth?

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