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Invar to introduce HAI Robotics ACR systems

Invar . group A leader in advanced warehouse automation, has entered into a partnership agreement with the global robotic systems manufacturer HAI . robotics To include the latest Automated Case Handling (ACR) systems from the manufacturer as part of Invar’s portfolio of solutions for UK, European and USA customers.

HAI Robotics is a global leader in the design and manufacture of ACRs used in the picking, warehousing and dispatch operations, while the Invar Group has a global network of high-profile clients in sectors such as e-commerce, retail, pharmaceuticals, FMCG and FMCG. The Invar Group is widely known for its versatile in-house developed warehouse management and control software, IWS, and its comprehensive design and integration capabilities for advanced automated warehouse solutions.

Craig Whitehouse, Managing Director, Invar Integration says: “These are exciting times, robots have transformed warehouse automation. Their flexibility, scalability and low attractiveness offer tremendous advantages over stationary solutions. HAI Robotics has an impressive range of intelligent ACRs, which perfectly suit the diverse requirements of static ACRs. implementation, and we are therefore pleased to include advanced ACRs from HAI Robotics in our rapidly expanding suite of solutions.”

HAI Robotics launched its first ACR system, HAIPICK, in 2015 and has since developed a family of mobile robots with the ability to carry cartons as well as individual bags, providing the ability to bring multiple boxes to cutters or carriers in one movement. Autonomous order pickers can select and place bags or cartons on shelves up to 7 meters high and are capable of carrying up to eight loads simultaneously, providing continuous feeding to person-to-person pick-up stations.

HAIPICK solution can quickly change warehouse performance, increase storage density by 80-130% and improve operational efficiency by more than 300% compared to manual process.

“The partnership will be able to provide warehouse operators with a unique and innovative solution that delivers larger fulfillment volumes at lower operating costs and better distribution efficiencies,” says Kane Luo, Vice President of Sales at HAI Robotics.

HAI Pick has been installed in applications across e-commerce, 3PL, apparel, electronics, energy, manufacturing, medicine and other industries. More than 2,000 HAIPICK robots have been deployed in more than 200 existing projects worldwide. The latest application of this technology at Australia’s largest online retail bookstore, Booktopia, has boosted pick-and-send efficiency by 800% at the company’s 14,000 square meter distribution center in Lidcombe, New South Wales.

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