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DENSO solutions help digitize logistics

Due to the Corona epidemic, logistics will have to overcome its biggest challenges. innovative technology from Denso Wave Europe It makes logistics operations smaller, faster and more efficient.

Logistics is under tremendous pressure: on the one hand, the industry has good growth prospects due to the corona-related growth in e-commerce. On the other hand, it must meet the increasing demands of customers and at the same time master digitalization.

The current study Mobilizing the Delivery Workforce: The State of Mobile Technologies in Transportation and Logistics 2021 by Arlington Research shows that mobile-first technologies will play a major role in the delivery of goods in the final delivery zone. 70% of those surveyed support this view. Nearly half of the respondents also stated that mobile-first strategy implementation techniques will play the most important role in accelerating deliveries.

DENSO Wave Europe, part of the Toyota Group, knows the challenges in logistics and competitive pressure, which globalization has increased by calling for greater digitization. In the field of logistics, it is also important to move goods safely and in a timely manner over ever longer distances.

“Transparent processes show the potential to improve logistics,” says Dirk Gilbrech, General Manager Technical Management at DENSO Wave Europe. “Automatic identification solutions, mobile terminals and scanners as well as wearable devices capture DENSO registration data from picking to delivery. In this way, they provide essential information within the supply chain in order to make operations understandable and measurable,” he explains.

RFID technology also plays a major role in the digitization of the logistics industry. RFID ensures that operations along the supply chain become smaller, faster and more efficient. Information on how DENSO Wave Europe can contribute to overcoming current and future challenges in logistics with mobile terminals, scanners, wearables, RFID readers and automatic identification solutions can be found here: industries/transport-logistics.html

Logistics takes advantage of RFID devices and IoT solutions

In the future, the importance of speeding up deliveries will become even more important. In the above study, 40% of respondents said they wanted to invest in technology that speeds up deliveries. RFID readers are ideally suited for these projects as they help logisticians speed up their operations and work more efficiently.

DENSO Wave Europe RFID scanners offer incredible reading speed and robustness – a critical feature for logistics, but also for warehouse and transportation management.

“By using RFID, operations along the supply chain can be improved. Additionally, surpluses and shortages in inventory can be avoided by using RFID and appropriate mobile data collection devices. If logisticians can record accurate inventory data along their supply chain, the problem has already been resolved.” essential and further improvements can be pursued to speed up operations,” says Gilbrech, explaining the advantages of RFID when digitizing logistics.

DENSO’s UR40 RFID Reader, for example, can read 700 RFID tags per second. This makes the RFID reader one of the fastest in the industry.

Another finding of the study is that 80% of surveyed transportation and logistics companies plan significant investments in technologies such as mobile devices, wearable devices or IoT devices and IoT solutions.

DENSO Wave Europe is also very well positioned in the field of IoT solutions, and the ORiN IoT data management platform provides an ideal tool for logistics and transportation companies. “In practice, it’s not easy to create a data-grid environment in a company,” Gilbrech says. However, for a smart factory, the technology of connecting devices within the facility and collecting data from these devices for analysis purposes is essential.

“DENSO presents ORiN as the best solution. It is our IoT data management platform, which provides middleware with which information from different automation devices can be collected more efficiently. The data can then be shared with other systems and cloud solutions,” says Gilbrech. Data can be freely forwarded and transferred between all connected hardware and software systems and further steps can be planned accordingly.

ORiN can be used, for example, in the production sector for process improvement, condition monitoring and production control. The collected data can be viewed using the built-in analysis and data visualization tools. “Logistics face the huge challenge of having to make their company’s operations faster and more efficient – ​​a huge long-term task. But it can be mastered with DENSO Wave Europe, RFID and innovative IoT solutions,” summarizes Gilbrech.

More information on RFID scanners and IoT solutions is available from DENSO Wave Europe, and how companies can improve operations in logistics, transportation and warehouse management. Here.

For the European market, DENSO Wave Europe is the point of contact for all inquiries about RFID, QR codes, mobile data collection, mobile terminals, and scanners. DENSO’s durable and robust terminals and scanners can be found in warehousing, logistics, point-of-sale, and in field and sales automation applications.

Short and informative videos about stations, scanners and solutions from DENSO Wave Europe can now be viewed at Youtube. The clips include the 20th anniversary of the QR code, a presentation of the company, and introductions to the various devices for capturing mobile data such as the BHT-1500, BHT-1400, and the GT20 scanner.

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