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Top 5 Open Source Cyber ​​Security Project Ideas for Beginners

We are currently living in an age where data has become an essential commodity for all businesses. Nowadays, everything is connected to the Internet, from watches to household appliances. This has led to an increase in the number of cyber attacks. To keep up with this pace, cybersecurity aspirants have to experiment with different ways of learning and different types of attacks. Taking up creative projects is a good idea to understand the field and gain deeper knowledge about how cyber attacks work. In this article, we are going to discuss several open source cyber security project ideas for beginners to start their journey.

keystroke logger: Keystroke logger is a great start-up cybersecurity project, which is a program that is used to collect and log the login information of people who have used the system through monitoring from the main computer. This project involves coding using any programming language to keep track of activity in a particular system as it is being used.

Image encryption: Encryption can be used not only on texts but also on images. Several algorithms such as AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), DES (Data Encryption Standard) and many others can be used to encrypt an image to protect it from hackers. This project gives a deep understanding of cryptography. It is not very advanced and beginners can also do it.

Caesar Cipher: This project aims to demonstrate encryption and decryption cores using Caesar Cipher. It is one of the oldest encryption methods used by the Roman commander Julius Caesar. This simple little project is on Cybersecurity Demonstrations to demonstrate the simple logic of a numeric cipher value to change place values ​​for alphabets related to certain scripts.

Retail functions: The hash function is similar to the encryption function and converts the text to be encrypted into a random set of characters that cannot be illegally retrieved by third parties. This is a classic Python-based cybersecurity project that involves creating hash functions from many passwords using loop concepts.

SQL entry vulnerability: Focuses on hacking the proprietary data of an individual, group, or organization that can infiltrate other systems to obtain information. SQL systems are used to retrieve and update data in a data warehouse. When the system contains a vulnerability, attackers can send malicious codes to the input box and obtain sensitive information.

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