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Do you think the ERP replacement cost is too high?

The idea of ​​replacing a system that your business has relied on for years can be a frightening idea that raises many questions in the mind. Not surprisingly, many of them revolve around the cost of ERP replacement, such as:

  • Can we buy and implement a new system?
  • Will we need to purchase additional tools or services to make it work for us?
  • What are the costs associated with these?
  • Will the new system increase costs in other areas?

But this is only part of the story

Sure, buying a new ERP system is a cost that you should budget but when you think about it, an ERP that can no longer help your company thrive and meet the current challenges is costing you a lot more than you pay each year to update and maintain on him. Just thinking about the cost of replacing an ERP is short-sighted. There are many financial benefits that come with running your business on a modern, integrated solution. To prove it, Forrester Research interviewed four Acumatica clients last year to learn more about how making a simple change can have a big impact on your bottom line.

  • 66% ROI
  • 45% increase in operational efficiency
  • 10% improvement in spending on digital marketing

With such results, it is not surprising that the payback period for Acumatica cloud ERP is as short as 16 months and the benefits do not stop with your bottom line. Companies making the switch also see improvements in the efficiency of their accounting and finance departments, reporting and decision-making and operations.

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