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Carl Runefelt invests $1,000,000 in CryptoPunk

NFT sales are breaking records and making headlines for a while now. This week, top NFT sales made more news thanks to a strange buying story.

But more on that later! First, let’s get information on the top 5 NFT sales for the week ending 10/24/21.

Bored Yacht Club took first place again, scoring an impressive deal of 697 ETH for #8585. That’s a whopping $2.68 million USD. Dankrupt was sold for 469 ETH, or $1.93 million. CryptoPunk achieved the next three positions, with 4,992 priced at 450 ETH or $1.70 million and 273 or 265 ETH or $1.02 million.

The sale that grabbed the most headlines wasn’t at the front of this pack of this week’s top 5 NFT sales. Instead, it brought the breech.

We know what you’re thinking. The self-made millionaire making a million dollar purchase isn’t top news anymore. But read on, and you’ll see why this incident grabbed the cake.

It all went downhill when Carl Runefelt, aka The Moon Carl, bought CryptoPunk #4626 at 249 ETH or . مكافأة البطولة العربية 2023 02 million. Noting that this NFT crypto art was strikingly similar to its features, Carl went ahead and dropped a million dollars.

Only after the purchase was completed did he realize that the CryptoPunk art he had just bought was from a female!

Well, Carl being Carl, confidently stuck to the purchase. لعبة دومينو The cryptocurrency investment expert’s strange deal soon began to attract a lot of attention.

With a market capitalization of $43.08 billion and weekly sales of between $10 and $20 million, the global NFT market has been on the rise over the past few months.

If current trends are any indication, prepare for record numbers in the near future as well. And if Carl’s story is anything to go by, we may be witnessing some strange happenings! yyy online5

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