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3 ways to turn your Instagram into your bio and take control of your personal brand

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Our current digital environment serves as a platform for anyone, anywhere, to present themselves to the world. You can see your brand, business or personal idea all over the world within seconds without spending a single dollar. This is especially true today because the pandemic has forced many people to go online for the purposes of entertainment, education, communication and work. Platforms like Google have made it easy for anyone to take a ride down the information superhighway. The intricate details about our private lives are publicly available online at the click of a button, and there’s not much we can do about it. This may sound like a harsh reality, but if you take control of your personal brand now, you can leverage the internet to work in your favor.

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Your personal brand is created in the digital landscape through publications in the form of photos, videos, captions and articles. These publications constitute the lasting impressions that others have of you and should be formulated to represent your experience, expertise, capabilities, procedures, lifestyles and achievements. Your personal brand is the response people give when someone asks about you; It’s the mental stings that come to an individual’s mind when your name is mentioned. These are the last few thoughts someone has about you after interacting with your brand. In a world of misinformation, misinformation, and semi-permanent records on the Internet, managing your personal brand is a must. This could be the determining factor for the job you are considering, the customer you are trying to close, the product or service you are trying to sell, the loan you are trying to get or even that date you want. Retry to continue.

Building a brand is like building a house. The better the material, the stronger it is. It is essential that you make calculated contributions that allow your brand to evolve and perfect over time. Successfully building your brand can build your bank account, strength, and influence. I myself work in the field of “brand building”. I own David Castain and Associates, a multi-million dollar conceptual marketing company that uses the principles of psychology to determine how people perceive a particular product, service, or brand. I then use this information to determine what type of physical or digital environment is needed to influence people to buy that product, service, or brand.

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Your brand should speak for itself; You should milk your message without saying a word. If you were to review my Google search results or my digital footprint at this very moment, you would understand why building a relationship with a potential customer is so easy. Strategically crafting a digital presence for things like educational background, verifications across all social media platforms, national recognition from notable outlets, and personal or professional accomplishments can make potential clients feel as if they have already met you.

In today’s society, it can be said that our personal brands have become an online resume; Paper resumes and business cards are a thing of the past. Using these digital dynamics, I personally designed the Social Castain Concept, a publishing philosophy currently used by some of the world’s most successful public figures, entrepreneurs, business leaders, artists, and influencers. This concept involves turning your Instagram account into a digital bio that will eventually improve your reputation. Turning your Instagram into a great bio is not easy, but it is very possible. I’ve outlined a few steps for the Social Castain concept below to help you get started.

1. Define your brand

Defining your brand is a temptation, and when done correctly, it creates a set of conditions for developing an ongoing relationship. Choosing a target audience and tailoring your content to meet that audience’s wants, needs, and expectations is a good place to start. The posts on your Instagram feed should be a direct reflection of what you think might interest them. Moreover, I challenge you to think about people’s initial perception after viewing your profile. What ideas might they have? What do you want them to remember the most after looking at your photos? You can also do some research by browsing the Instagram profiles of other successful people in your field. What do they post? Is there a discernible pattern or philosophy? What is the visual representation of their Instagram profile? You don’t have to imitate everything they do, but you can borrow ideas creatively on how to enrich your content and the overall brand.

2. Only after your highlights

Your online presence should be your highlight bar, with content that increases your credibility and further validates your health. In most cases, when creating a traditional paper resume for a potential employer, you intentionally ignore irrelevant information. For example, you wouldn’t want to add a local fast food restaurant you worked at in high school when applying for an engineering job. This same principle applies to Instagram. You should only post content that is relevant to the brand you want to portray. A simple rule of thumb: don’t post unless you make your target audience want to hire you, like you, get to know you, research you further, or turn on your post notifications.

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3. Remove all noise

The average person’s attention span is about eight seconds. Instagram users will likely only check your first nine photos before forming an opinion about you. In those same eight seconds, they will decide if they want to keep scrolling through your profile. You must delete or archive all noise. Hype in this context is anything that takes away the appeal of your selected brand and is not part of your highlighter reel. This can include memes, meals, dogs, family, relationships, or even the bar you went to last night. Instead, consider posting your milestones or other things that align with your brand.

Anything posted on Instagram becomes public information, so make sure it’s something you want others to see. Accurately representing your brand on social media, as well as in Google search, is extremely important. The social concept of Castin emphasizes the importance of perseverance, accuracy and patience while converting your Instagram into your resume. Your brand is the first thing people will see when they search for you and the last thing they will remember when they are done searching. Every post sends a message, every message tells a story and every story builds a brand. Make sure your brand is built to last.

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