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Top 13 ways to increase your confidence in the workplace

Confidence is an important feeling that you should feel if you want to be successful at work, in relationships, and in everyday life. It’s also a trait that seems a lot easier to possess than it actually is – sometimes it takes a step outside of your head and comfort to achieve it.

Whether you’re a fairly confident person looking to step into the best version of yourself or someone with very low self-esteem, there are a few ways you can work on building it every day. Below, 13 members of the Young Entrepreneur Council share their best tips on how to increase your confidence in the workplace.

1. Connect with others who are on the same path

I encourage every entrepreneur to reach out to others to forge the same path. One thing I’ve discovered is that almost every founder and business owner faces similar issues – and Impostor Syndrome is one of them. There is great comfort in having a committed network of peer mentors who can build your confidence by sharing their weaknesses and successes. — Lindsay Tanne, LogicPrep

2. Identify your strengths and take advantage of them

Feeling confident at work is something that many people struggle with, especially when starting a new role for which you may feel unqualified. Start by identifying your strengths and capitalizing on them. Take advantage of your skill set by taking on challenging, yet manageable tasks. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask your team for help when you need it! – John Hall, Calendar

3. Have a frank conversation with your manager

Talk to your manager! They are there to support you and have frank conversations. Talk about how you learned and how you prefer to receive feedback. Give examples of a time when you wanted to put yourself in your shoes but backed out. A Distinguished Manager will use this information to challenge, encourage, and support you on your journey to greater confidence! – Berman Tea, a digital resource

4. Visualize yourself as having completed a task

To overcome these feelings of doubt, imagine that you have already completed the task. Then act as if it was already done. Relive memories of completing challenging tasks outside of work and use those feelings of accomplishment to propel yourself in the future. – Caitlin Whitman, Rainfactory

5. Look for a confident role model

Find self-confident peers or mentors in the company. Increasing trust is not always easy, but you can identify and spend time with others in the organization who are doing well and/or have confidence. Confidence is easily created when you spend time with those who understand how to perform and trust. – Ryan O’Connell, Bowman

6. Take the lead in a project

Take the initiative on a project, no matter how small. Small entrepreneurial actions go a long way toward building trust in the workplace. If you find that something needs to be accomplished that isn’t already set, bring it up with your boss and volunteer to take the lead. Your boss will likely be impressed by your commitment and will assign you more project leaders later. – Tyler Gallagher, Regal Assets

7. Find a way to help people

Once you show your interest and know the problems others around you are having, you are seen as valuable. For example, if employees need support for a weight loss fitness challenge and you have a background in the field, you can offer to support or lead a group. Helping people build morale and position you as an expert, which builds confidence. – Libby Rothschild, dietitian

8. Study the company and its products

One of the best ways to overcome self-doubt and increase your confidence is to really study the company and its products or services. The more you know about the business, the more secure you will feel when communicating with your co-workers and company leaders. Learning is always the key to boosting confidence. – Benjamin Rojas, All in One SEO

9. Pretend to become your lifestyle

Fake it to make it! You have to remain confident and maintain a good attitude in life, and really think that you can do it. Then, from there, find out what you’ve been missing out on. You know very well that you will be good at pretending to excel at it. Do it so that it becomes a way of life and you no longer have to deceive anyone; You are already breathing in positivity and breathing in confidence. – Daisy Jing, Banish

10. Practice positive body language

I think the best way to boost your confidence is to practice positive body language. You can have a lot of confidence, but it doesn’t matter if people can’t see it. I have found that working on my posture, eye contact, and public speaking approaches all help me feel more confident in my ability to convey information. – John Brackett, Smash Balloon LLC

11. Try to reframe your thinking

To increase your confidence in the workplace, practice reframing the way you think. When you feel you need a boost, remember that most people suffer from impostor syndrome and question their own professional abilities. Even the most talented person can develop imposter syndrome by being unsure of the praise they receive. – Stephanie Wells, awesome shapes

12. Identify the source of self-doubt and face it

Determine the source of self-doubt. It is usually a specific pain point. Then throw yourself into it. Enter at the deep end of it. master it. Work on it at night and weekends. Then you will feel like the real deal. Then you will be the one helping others because they definitely suffer from fear, lack of confidence and impostor syndrome on the same pain point. – Tyler Bray, TK Trailer Parts

13. Write down your achievements

One of the easiest ways to boost your confidence is to write down your past accomplishments. We often take uncomfortable situations and see a difficult scene as a summary of our work. As a result, we can suffer from imposter syndrome and seriously hurt our spirits. I suggest sitting down and writing down your latest accomplishments. You will be amazed at how much this tip can help you! – John Turner, SeedProd LLC

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