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HAI unveils new products at CeMAT Asia

HAI . roboticsIt is pushing the boundaries of automated warehousing technology forward as it unveiled three new products during CeMAT Asia Expo in Shanghai on Oct. The new products will help overcome the bottleneck in the internal logistics sector’s yearning for increased warehousing density and flexibility.

At CeMAT Asia, the region’s largest indoor logistics fair, the company displayed a full product range of HAIPICK ACR robots, including two new members: HAIPICK A3 fork-lift ACR, A42-FW flexible width ACR; and the new-looking A42T telescopic ACR, which updates the industry’s stowage height record at 10m.

The HAIPICK A3 robot, which adopts forklift picking design, was created for wider storage scenarios where goods are not necessarily placed inside a box. The design, which is a significant difference from previous generations of HAIPICK robots that use pickup, granted greater storage possibilities and better use of shelf space. Goods that do not require a container, such as frames, trays, and plates that can be lifted by a fork from the bottom, can be easily handled with a higher picking efficiency.

The A3 robot adopts SLAM navigation technology, enabling more human-machine mixed field operations. It also matches well with the environment which has strict control of dust, static electricity and pollution.

The second new product of HAIPICK A42-FW robot targets higher storage density. Thanks to the fork that can be flexibly adjusted according to the size of the goods, this robot makes it possible to choose and handle different sizes of bags or cartons.

Warehouse space usage cannot be emphasized much, and HAI claims the A42-FW robot is an absolute champion in this regard. On the other hand, with its 900mm wide chassis, which is narrower than the standard 1,000mm aisles, the storage density can be increased by 5%. On the other hand, its height of 190 mm to the lowest means that the storage density can be increased by another 6%. Moreover, the bot can dynamically adjust the storage locations according to the size it sees with the fork, and in this way, the storage locations can be increased by 20%.

Along with the new HAIPICK robots, HAI Robotics has also launched a new version of HAIQ – the intelligent brain driving the HAIPICK ACR process. HAIQ nova allows seamless interaction with all kinds of equipment such as Kiva robot, slam robot, conveyor belts, etc. The latest HAIQ nova, armed with abundant user data from successful projects in different industries, can ensure smooth and optimized warehouse operation.

“Since we launched the world’s first ACR system in 2015, we have continually updated our products as well as solutions, focusing on high pickup height, flexible pick arms, slim robot body and Better Software System (HAIQ) – to meet the demands of higher storage density, and a mixed selection of bags and cartons, and more warehousing sites against a backdrop of escalating e-commerce order fulfillment stress,” says Richie Chen, founder and CEO of HAI Robotics.

With more than 300 projects running worldwide, HAI Robotics has been constantly learning from successful deployment and keen to update ACR technology for a better user experience. The birth of the three new products arose from their acute awareness of the market and from thinking outside the box.

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