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Transform your retail business with POS software

Point of sale systems are becoming commonplace in the retail business as well, and the global market for point of sale is expected to triple in the coming years. point of sale system The evolution from massive in-house enterprise solutions to compact clouds and mobile applications. It will also go beyond retail. Therefore, the intuition you should choose is a file point of sale software system It may be fully justified.

Move to POS system with LS Business Central It will move from a transactional role to a consumer empowerment role, making the shopping experience wherever the customer wants it, however, wants it. Whereas LS Retail is an integrated retail management solution built on Business Retail that can lower system administration costs, no integration costs that require financial data, speed up promotions, and access all your business information.

Here are some of the functions of LS Retail POS, which help transform your retail business.

Cloud-based technology

Cloud technology is now widely adopted across the retail industry, as it enables retailers to integrate customer, transaction, and inventory data with Omnichannel orders, making all data available in real time to store partners. It enables retailers to deliver personalized brand experiences, offers endless shopping, creates offers that resonate with customers, and improves store performance and inventory management.

EPOS and Portable POS

LS Central POS runs on your favorite system, tablet or mobile device, so you can:

  • Process secure, EMV and PCI compliant payments with LS Pay functionality.
  • Support shoppers with product information.
  • Perform important back office and inventory tasks.
  • Check product availability in all stores, warehouses and order items.

Personalize the experience

Today, a point of sale (POS) system is easy to use that can help you tailor the experience to each customer’s needs. For example, a point of sale system with a customer functionality allows you to identify customers who have a profile with you, enabling store partners to provide highly personalized and product-related advice.

Sell ​​at point of sale in offline mode

Incomplete internet connection? Not a problem. While most cloud-based retail POS does not work offline, leaving you unable to process sales if the internet goes down, with LS Central, POS also works offline. This means that you can always work, go ahead with selling products and serving customers even when there is no connection.

Self-scan and self-pay options

Select a range of standard checkout cash counters, self-scanning systems, self-propelled tillers or even racks that fit each of your stores. LS Central can run on different types of devices, so you can choose the setup that works best for you.

These are the main functions that will make you search for a retail point of sale, and be sure to choose the software that will be available to you, today and tomorrow. Whereas MetaOption, a file LS . Retail Partner that helps your retail business with LS Retail functionality such as handling an entire unified commerce solution from a single platform.

For more information and a custom demo, call us Today at MetaOption.

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