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The ERP platform is changing the face of agriculture

Farm ERP, the brainchild of Shivraj Technologies and a well-defined digital platform that has not only been tried and tested but is now also used in more than 30 countries.
In a press release issued here by Ms Pushplata Began, Public Relations Officer, every agricultural business today, especially after the pandemic, has been actively looking to embrace technology and work on digitization.

FarmERP, which is part of the agricultural technology industry and the only Indian brand nominated for the 2021 Agricultural Technology Excellence Awards, upon obtaining investment from a Singapore-based company, has been able to enrich its existing product range, creating new product lines such as Farmizo and FarmGyan, gaining clients Renew, create more markets, and also sign many new partnerships.
The USP highlighting FarmERP’s work among other similar platforms was that FarmERP is a single digital platform for enterprises powered by IoT hardware integration, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capabilities.
The brand has introduced multiple programs integrated into one platform that provides a single and easy login experience. Unlike many startups in a similar field, FarmERP works with organizations and businesses on a medium to large scale.
The brand on top of the ERP Layer has added an AI layer including climate smart consulting, quality assessment, pest and disease identification, etc., which makes farm management not only predictable and efficient but also seamless.
Along with entering the B2C marketplace with Farmizo, a digital farming ecosystem FarmERP has over the years built and modernized for its clients.
They have also been able to make two offers under Farmizo, one is Farmizo Khata and the other is Farmizo Fresh, and they have been working endlessly towards the two sustainable goals of the United Nations. Zero Hunger and Climate Change.
With this achievement made over the years, today the brand has been aggressively expanding and targeting Middle Eastern markets along with European markets and constantly working on providing accurate insights on various standards via their ERP platform.
At the moment, as each service is digitized and updated individually, no one would have thought the same for the agriculture sector
Today’s Farm ERP has not only made farm-to-buyer traceability possible, but it has also improved production quality and productivity levels. Their existing customers have benefited in different ways.
Some may see a 95% decrease in product rejections, some may see a 9% decrease in inventory costs, some may see a 95% rise in operational efficiency, and these are just some of the benefits among many others.


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