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Selling Anywhere – Tips for Selling Digitally

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In the world of retail, businesses are typically divided into two categories: brick-and-mortar or e-commerce. However, with the rapid changes taking place within the retail sector due to the evolution of consumer habits, the lines between these types of businesses are beginning to blur. Small businesses in particular are recognizing the growing importance of being able to sell anywhere, as well as being able to accept payments entirely online.

If you are a small business owner and are not sure where to start, don’t worry. We are here to help.

Selling anywhere: How to sell products digitally

At this point in the retail world, owning a website is a given. However, the growing expectation now is that companies are expected to offer products online as well.

Whether it’s a traditional e-commerce transaction (online payment, shipping to a customer) or online payment and pickup in person, consumers increasingly expect flexibility in their transactions.

It is important that your business is able to meet these expectations.

If the thought of overhauling your business model makes you anxious, we’ll show you how to easily and seamlessly sell your products anywhere your customers (and you) are.

  • Get your website up to speed.
  • Show your products or services clearly.
  • View multiple options for shipping or receiving.
  • Make your payment options diversified and clear.
  • Be where your customers are.

ready? Let’s jump to it.

1. Get the speed of your website

Selling products through your website requires an attractive and fast-loading website. It’s hard to beat the impression potential customers initially had when visiting your site. Website visitors only need half a second to form an opinion of the website they are visiting.

If you already have a website, you will need to make sure that your website design is modern, mobile friendly, and easy to use. To dig deeper into the process, you can read an in-depth website redesign case study here.

Editor’s note: If you don’t have a website, or would prefer an easier way to create a beautiful and responsive website, GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing has you covered.

In addition to designing your website, it is also important that your site load quickly.

If users leave your site before it loads, that’s bad news.

Images and graphics that are too large are the primary reason for slow download speeds. To make sure your site loads quickly, make sure you keep the images as small as possible. There are many free image compression tools online that can help you reduce the sizes of your images to get optimal upload speeds.

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2. Display your products or services clearly

Visitors view your website to get a better idea of ​​you and your business, so make it easy for them to see your products and services.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure to include winning product descriptions that will encourage viewers to complete their purchases.

Product description example for two yellow chairs

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3. Offer multiple options for shipping or receiving

Depending on the type of business you have, it is beneficial to offer your customers a range of shipping and/or receiving options. If you do business primarily in a physical location, getting pickup or curbside pickup options is likely your best performing option.

If you are providing a service instead, you may be able to consider personal or virtual options (depending on the types of services you provide).

If you’re not sure where to start with shipping options, this guide can get you moving in the right direction.

4. Make your payment options diversified and clear

Not offering a wide range of payment options can be a big turning point for many visitors. As younger generations begin to enter the market, preferences for types of payments are steadily changing. Mobile payment, for example, is increasingly expected as an option by Gen Z.

If you sell products or services on a website, the payment options you can offer range from the traditional e-commerce offerings of debit/credit cards and PayPal to the newer buy now and pay services offered through AfterPay or Klarna.

However, selling services in person – away from a website – will change your options when collecting payments on the go. You have the option of mobile peer-to-peer payment options through a mobile app, request payment through a generated URL, or collect payments via debit/credit card through the use of a mobile payment terminal. There is, of course, the option of cash, but cash is rapidly declining as the payment method of choice for many buyers.

Where and however you choose to sell your products, be sure to clearly display the payment options you accept. Uncertainty can turn off buyers, so try to avoid discouraging buyers from completing their purchases.

Editor’s note: Are you looking for a fully integrated payment processing solution anywhere sales may occur? From in-person mobile transactions to online purchases, GoDaddy Payments can help you.

5. Be where your customers are

When it comes to selling products, it is important to be aware of your market. If your products or services are very local, it may be best for your business to serve these products locally, such as at a farmer’s market or a local conference. In these circumstances, it is essential to have a simple and secure way to accept payments. A mobile payment option or a Point of Sale (POS) device would be ideal in this scenario.

If your products or services are not limited to one area, an e-commerce site will serve your business better. E-commerce nowadays includes social media, so you should consider incorporating social media marketplaces into your e-commerce strategy.

Know where your customers are and be there to meet their needs. Every business is unique, so it’s important to take into account your sales priorities and requirements.

summed it up

We hope we have given you some ideas to help you start your business.

Websites are a predictor of businesses nowadays, and while e-commerce is certainly great, it’s important to consider the rapidly developing business landscape when it comes to how businesses sell.

The economy continues to transform rapidly, so having multiple ways of doing business — whether in person, over the phone, or online — will help your business remain successful.

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