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Eight simple and useful ways to support fellow entrepreneurs

In business, making an active effort to support the entrepreneurial community can be a game changer for your company’s growth. After all, these individuals have gone through similar experiences and challenges to the business owners themselves, and they can often help you navigate them.

However, to gain the support of your fellow entrepreneurs, you must be willing to give them the best. If you’re not sure where to start, eight members of the Young Entrepreneurs Council explain some simple ways to support other business owners and why it’s important for all entrepreneurs to do so.

1. Join peer groups

There are many networking events and entrepreneurship groups that aim to build a community for business owners. These groups allow you to connect with others in your field, learn new things, keep up with trends and form lasting relationships. Entrepreneurship can be lonely, so it is important to use the resources you have to meet other business leaders and share your point of view. – Stephanie Wells, awesome shapes

2. Find a similar passion and share

I find the best way to support other leaders is to find the same feelings and share together. Most cities have leadership groups that operate through the Chamber of Commerce or civic groups through nonprofit organizations. When you work side by side with each other for non-commercial reasons, you can grow your relationship organically and form a camaraderie based on your mutual desire to build your community. Most of my working relationships have come through civic and community engagement groups locally. Those who are passionate about giving their time and helping others succeed are those you want to deal with later. Ashley Sharp, live with dignity

3. Forming a Partnership

Partnerships help grow and nurture the total value you and other entrepreneurs bring to society. These partnerships pay off in different ways. The first is to invest in other entrepreneurs’ ventures. Silicon Valley has a reputation for doing this very well. Successful entrepreneurs contribute money, experience, and networks to other entrepreneurs working on their startups, giving these new businesses a greater chance of success. Everyone benefits from this process. Investors do a satisfying job with their wealth increasing, start-up entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, and society is better for that as the problem is solved and jobs are created. There are many other ways to partner with other entrepreneurs as well. — Samuel Timothy, OneIMS

4. Provide support via social media

The simplest way for most companies to support each other now is through social media and other online channels. Join groups related to your industry and follow people who have blogs, video channels, podcasts, and other interesting content. If you interact with and share other people’s content, they are likely to return the favor. It is better to develop a cooperative mentality rather than competition. It really is a win-win situation when you are reaching out, expanding your reach, and helping others do the same. – Kalin Kasapov, ProTexting

5. Be a guide

I see knowledge as something you can give up endlessly and share to reciprocate. Remember, just because someone else is doing well doesn’t mean you are doing worse. When you see a successful entrepreneur, feel that it is your success. There is enough space for everyone. You cannot put a number on the value of public goodwill. Mentors have been very important to me in my journey as an entrepreneur. Sometimes the best thing you can do is push forward and be the same mentor to others. You’ll be glad you did. Always worth it. – Tyler Bray, TK Trailer Parts

6. Aiming for inclusivity

Find and invite people who are not included in your regular entrepreneur groups. I realized that I was part of a few groups of business owners where each time I was the only woman. I brought this up, and started asking why other women entrepreneurs weren’t invited and made them to the guest list next time. It seems like a small thing, but I see it as a way I can help make these spaces more inclusive just by looking around and asking, “Who should be here not here?” – Kelsey Raymond, Influence & Co.

7. Hire them

If you need tax help, don’t go with a major company; Choose a freelancer who has a good reputation in your area. Do you need marketing help? Use the same strategy. More often than not, you will get a better quality of service when going this route, you will build a lifelong relationship and you will generally have a business partner. – Andrew Schrag, Money Crashers Personal Finance

8. Recommend it to your clients

As a big brand, you can always support small businesses and startups by recommending them to your clients. You can do this in a face-to-face conversation with your customers, through an email notification or even through a phone call. Sometimes it may be enough to mention them on social media. Not only will this help small and new businesses get the exposure they need, but it can also help them gain some new customers for themselves. – Josh Kolbach, Wholesale Suite

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