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5 Unfamiliar Myths Keep Business in the Matrix

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the matrix The film depicts a future in which reality is, as most humans see it, a false simulation created by conscious machines to calm and subdue humans, while using the heat and electrical activity of their bodies as a source of energy.

What does this have to do with cold calling?

Unfortunately, most companies believe in five common cold-calling myths that have trapped them in the matrix. In this virtual world, misconceptions about drilling techniques have been programmed into humans by machines. Entrepreneurs have been blinded to the reality of prospecting, and thus they believe that cold calling is dead.

Now companies can free their minds from this cold prison known as The Matrix. Take the red pill to learn the truth about these five cold calling myths:

1. You must be honest with the gatekeepers

The vast majority of companies believe that you should be honest with receptionists when trying to reach the decision maker in an informal communication campaign. This misconception is clearly the result of machine programming. Since receptionists have been told not to allow sales calls to go through, it’s not a promising idea to simply admit that you’re on a sales call. Could this be the main reason why most people say cold calling doesn’t work?

Of course, I’m not inviting telemarketers to lie to receptionists either. However, it is much better to try to blend in with phone traffic by not appearing as a salesperson. This way the receptionist doesn’t even ask if it’s a sales call in the first place. Another tactic is to distract them with jokes, compliments, or jokes so that they forget to ask what the call is about.

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2. Cold calling is a numbers game

When you contact hundreds of potential customers in a back-to-back order, the odds are against reaching anyone. Executives are constantly on the move and don’t wait for a cold call. The only reason companies keep doing this is because agents force their own matrix cheat.

Once you are free of these illusions, it is clear that changing strategies can lead to much greater success than following what has been tried blindly before with no results at all. The way to connect with the human world is to repeatedly make multiple calls to the same leads until you track them down.

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3. Target prospects only with need

One of the greatest things about cold calling is that it is simple. You just call your list and see what happens. Companies trapped in a matrix fail to take into account this fact, as they are programmed by machines only to search for potential customers with needs, but there are so few in lists that fit these qualifications that they escape at first glance.

Those of us who have escaped the clutches of this matrix know that you can set more appointments by targeting potential clients who are happy with what they already have. So, instead of trying to sell them something popular or selling yourself too hard to succeed, teach these people how new innovations can transform their business by saving time or money.

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4. Argue with the odds rather than agree

Since the beginning of this matrix, salespeople have been programmed to believe that arguing with prospects will be an effective strategy. However, in reality, you can never win an argument as described by Dale Carnegie in his classic work How to win friends and influence people.

It is important to find ways to overcome objections in the human world. For one thing, it is most effective when you can compliment them and agree with their point of view. Remember this caveat: You don’t have to believe what they say or do, but find a way to agree with their experience or feeling so that there is less conflict in the future.

The best way I’ve found for myself is to use compliments like, “You’re right!” Followed by saying something positive we can agree on.

5. Salespeople should never get cold calling training

The majority of salespeople in the matrix attempt to make telemarketing calls on their own. Since the other lie that machine programming makes is that one needs baptism with fire for cold communication skills, most of them struggle with it and never learn properly because there is no one around who can guide them through this confusing process as an expert trainer does.

Once out of the Matrix, it’s time to let go of those old myths about cold calling. Now that we live in a Neo reality and not Agent Smith’s nightmare, anything is possible.

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