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Via BTC Capital will be revealed

Five years of commitment to enabling blockchain projects

2021 marks another milestone for ViaBTC. In August, it created a new brand – ViaBTC Capital, an investment platform that integrates capital, resources and post-investment services. From “developing blockchain products” to “enabling blockchain projects,” the ViaBTC group is constantly exploring new horizons and implementing new tasks.

“Innovation for a Better Future” brand launch online, October 23

On October 23, 2021, ViaBTC Group will unveil ViaBTC Capital online on its official Twitter account, ViaBTC Capital. The brand launch event themed “Innovating for a Better Future” reveals the vision of the new investment platform, which is to enable promising blockchain projects in their infancy and bring more possibilities to teams of excellent developers around the world. Through innovation, new areas of the blockchain industry will be explored, and a better future for the sector will be created together.

The brand launch will bring together Haipo Yang, founder of ViaBTC Group, and strategic partners including Ray from IOSG, Yida from Shima, Matt from Blofin, Ran from WOO, Captain from Arkstream, and other crypto influencers. The new brand ViaBTC Capital and its brand philosophy will be presented to a global audience. The mysterious limited NFTs will be distributed online. Key insiders will sit down together for a discussion and share their views on the dynamics of the industry, allowing further witness to the birth of VIA BTC Capital.

Brand new look

As a player in the blockchain since 2016, ViaBTC Group has seen the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency market. In the past five years, ViaBTC Group has honed the best consumer blockchain services and products.

ViaBTC Capital will be added to the ViaBTC Group’s portfolio of businesses which includes the mining pool, wallet and smart chain. Guided by the vision of “making the world a better place through blockchain” and the company’s new strategy, ViaBTC Group introduced the investment brand ViaBTC Capital to explore investment opportunities in the blockchain market.

New mission to empower budding Blockchain players

With the past fruitful experience, ViaBTC Capital is embarking on a promising journey. ViaBTC Capital will take on the new task of empowering emerging blockchain operators. Backed by capital, resources, and post-investment services, the new company will focus on developing and investing in Web 3.0, Layer2 and DApp projects that combine DeFi, NFT, and DAO. By incubating and supporting the growth of startups, ViaBTC Capital will be a major boost to the blockchain industry.

A new journey to build the best blockchain investor

The creation of ViaBTC Capital marks the beginning of a new journey for the ViaBTC Group. Burdened with the task of “building the infrastructure of the blockchain community,” ViaBTC Group has nurtured an entire blockchain ecosystem. ViaBTC Group has in-depth industry insights, blockchain technologies, strengthening international community, and global investment network, which enable it to provide professional and comprehensive post investment services. By accumulating the strength and resources accumulated over the past five years, ViaBTC Capital can rise to become a leading investor in the blockchain in China. With a focus on Web 3.0, Layer2 and DApp, the new platform will take advanced innovation across the industry and lead the development of the blockchain economy.

Standing at a fresh start, ViaBTC is sailing for greater insight. As the new journey begins, ViaBTC will work for quality, leapfrogging and sustainable development by drawing strength from strategic governance, talent development, and technological innovation. The goal of ViaBTC is to build an impactful and innovative investor who is well positioned in the blockchain world.

About VIA BTC Capital

Combining services such as financing, resource support and post-investment assistance, ViaBTC Capital is an ecosystem-based investment platform focused on Web 3.0 and Layer 2 projects or DApps for DeFi, NFT or DAO. We believe that this new subsidiary, which draws on the rich industry resources of the ViaBTC Group, will accelerate the development of the blockchain industry by bringing together relevant technologies, talent, projects and capital around the world.

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