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NFT, GameFi and BSC – the NFT suite built for success

When NFT giants like CryptoPunks were first launched, they couldn’t imagine the relationship between NFT and GameFi and focused on their only group of Punks. In the third quarter, NFT sales were more than $10.7 billion, due in part to increased volumes of creative and unique collections, as well as technological innovations, such as integration with GameFi.

For those who don’t know yet – NFT is a non-fungible token that, like digital artwork, cannot be replaced by something else, as it is not replaceable. GameFi is a mixture of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and gaming, which operates on the model of playing to win rather than playing to win. This combination means that users can now play online games with their NFT and get paid for playing – not winning.

One project that includes NFT, GameFi, and the favorite Binance smart chain is the exclusive “The Presidents” mint collection at

“The Presidents” is the world’s first and only NFT group consisting of 50 presidents from different countries and cryptocurrency institutions. The truly rare NFT block was launched on the Binance Smart Chain, which is the preferred blockchain option for NFT projects because it is faster and cheaper compared to other blockchains, such as the expensive Ethereum.

“The Presidents” is a GameFi and NFT collection consisting of 20,000 art pieces of colorful images of presidents of countries and cryptocurrency institutions. The set is made in a unique style and is a blend of classic digital art.

The collection contains 8 main types of bosses, including Americans, American legends, Soviet and world legends, World legends, Crypto legends, Secrets and the exclusive Satoshi. Each NFT has its own design and is unique to any existing blockchain. 1 Prime coin can be minted for 0.3 Binance coins (BNB) using the Metamask wallet.

Using artificial intelligence, NFT images were distributed with 246 attributes, with each image having its own design. This collection will forever remain in the history of digital art and NFT.

The group includes prominent presidents from the USA, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Soviet Union, who had a huge impact on the world we all live in today. Likewise, the heads of large, reputable and well-known crypto and blockchain institutions such as Binance, Ethereum, and TRON are also appearing.

The collection also contains two of the President’s secret masterpieces, the identity of which will be revealed once all 20,000 paintings have been minted.

Once all 20,000 bosses are minted, the project will unlock access to its in-house card game, where users can play and compete in fun card games and receive a special referee token in return. The platform’s GameFi reward system allows users to simply play fun games using minted or purchased images of the boss. Users with more bosses have a higher chance of winning and thus get more governance tokens in return.

The governance code can then be used for decision making in the platform management system, which allows users to vote on project development decisions. In this way, the project engages the community to make decisions about new features, upgrades, and partnerships, following the “give them what they want” concept.

The project also has cashback pools, where users who withdraw more than 50 bosses are placed in a small pool of 3% (cashback up to 180 BNB), and users who withdraw more than 150 bosses are placed in the large pool at 7% (refund Cash up to 420 BNB), which means that the project returns 600 BNB to its users and supporters in exchange for their contribution to the project.

Referee code, referee system and card game will be released after all 20,000 bosses have been minted. All these features make the project more promising and unique, users are provided with a lot of profit opportunities and participate in its development.

NFT, GameFi and BSC are popular trends among NFT projects as they ensure their success in the market. This NFT set features unique and attractive digital art that many would like to own, simply because of its elegant design. This project aims to give back to its supporters and has the potential to be minted in a short period of time.

Be sure to participate in the process of minting “The Presidents” by following this link

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