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4 ways your calendar will help you be more automatic

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The good old fashioned nine-to-five, Monday-Friday lifestyle is consistent at best and terribly boring at worst. It’s nice to have some structure in your life, but sometimes it feels like you’re banging your head against a wall.

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Fortunately, your calendar can be just as helpful in adding flavor to your life as it provides stability. Making an effort to be a little more spontaneous can add a silver lining to your overcast days and streaks of color to a routine that can sometimes seem gray. Let’s tackle some orthodontic hacks for a more spontaneous life:

1. Switch up your routine

You can find a lot of value in a good routine. This will help you follow a healthy sleep pattern, stay on top of chores, and meet frequent deadlines. However, even the best of routines can lead to burnout over time. Switching up small parts of your routine can help you break away from the usual now and then.

Switching things up is a good way for anyone in the creative space. Routines work well for developing healthy habits and staying on top of tasks, but they can sometimes stifle creativity. Change up your routine when approaching a new project or add a new ingredient or two to mix things up.

For example, let’s say you’re a screenwriter looking for inspiration for your next masterpiece. You can keep parts of your routine, such as getting up at the same time every morning and exercising. However, instead of sitting at your computer desk like you always do – maybe switch things up by working this week at your local library or coffee shop.

Scanning book titles and the people who watch them can get your creative juices flowing more quickly than they might when you’re rooted in your usual spot.

2. Make time to try new things

The changes you make to your life don’t always have to be in the name of daily productivity. Being spontaneous is trying new things, such as a new type of food or trying a potential hobby. By periodically blocking times on your calendar, you make room to try new things and experience more of what life has to offer.

Weekends are usually when most people are available. If this applies to you, try setting aside an hour each weekend to try something new. For example, next Saturday you can try Indian food for the first time or attend a dance class with your partner. While your planning will be intentional, the types of activities you enjoy will be more spontaneous than ever.

Remember that it is never too late to try something new. You may be 50 years old and discover a talent for drumming that you would like to acquire regularly. If being spontaneous has prompted you to discover and enjoy a new talent, take a chance on the horns!

3. Vacation planning

When was the last time you ran away? Vacations are hardly anyone’s regular thing, so the trip is sure to confuse your calendar quite a bit. However, a vacation can not only be spontaneous, but a traditional getaway also helps you catch up on a break and have some fun by getting rid of most of life’s most important stresses.

It’s important to note that packing your bags and leaving for an unplanned trip may not always go well. You may have to clear your time off work first, and last-minute accommodations can become very expensive. The best way to bring spontaneity with you on a journey is to change your mindset.

Vacations can be so much more than taking a nap by the pool until it’s time to board your return flight. Guide your inner tourist by checking out local attractions, mingling with indigenous people, and attending events you could never have at home. Planning an activity out of the ordinary will bring you much more value to your travels than spending hundreds of dollars just to get more sleep in a different time zone.

4. Start joining social networks

If you find it difficult to get out of your comfort zone, find someone who will do it for you. A diverse social circle will help you become more spontaneous, even if it is against your free will. However, the friends you choose should be supportive and understanding when you don’t want to get involved in certain activities while still being able to help you grow and try new things.

For example, your friends should not force you to a bird sanctuary knowing full well that you have xenophobia. However, a good group of friends can encourage you to get dressed up and go out dancing on Saturday instead of watching the rest of the Squid Game on Netflix.

Pick some spontaneous friends and their behavior will lose you a little more, and you will be able to have more fun because of them.

If you want to plan your availability a little better, be sure to keep your friends in the know with your calendar. You can tell them which days are completely closed for any activities due to work or other past commitments. You can also iron the details together for the actual pre-made plans.

There’s no need to replace every structure of your life with crazy spontaneity, but getting away from the norm now and then can be a lot of fun.

Use your calendar to find the perfect balance, and you will have everything in life you have hoped and dreamed of.

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