Why the Davos Man is the scourge of the Earth – Inside Sources – News Couple

Why the Davos Man is the scourge of the Earth – Inside Sources

In ten seconds, tell me who would the Davos man choose if he had to pick a side: the United States or China?

My money is they have to choose China. This is why.

It became clear to me in January 2017. Xi Jinping was invited to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. His call was an outspoken reaction against new President Donald Trump. Xi was cast as the champion of globalization, as opposed to a democratically elected man from Queens who would later call himself the “tariff man”.

Klaus Schwab, founder of the Forum and Davos Man No. 1 interviewed Henry Kissinger at the time, the man who helped open China to the world. Kissinger said, “What President Xi has done is put forward a concept of the international system in the economic sphere that should be the subject of conversation and the essence of creating an advanced system.”

Make no mistake about it, it wasn’t a criticism of him. It was a carefully crafted compliment.

The only real problem the Davos man has with the Chinese Communist Party is that he does not allow the Pride Month. Everything else is great: CCP’s centralized anti-clutter control system is a winner. The reason they fail to sell this successfully to the Americans and parts of Europe is that the Chinese Communist Party is the face of centralization.

But the Davos man is fighting back. They “distort” the CCP model for us – promoting all kinds of “fairness” to attract people. Greta Thunberg is a Davos climate advocate. It is all over their website.

For those new to the Davos Universe, it all begins with the World Economic Forum, the networking event featuring corporate CEOs, presidents, and the philanthropic class that funds most of the ideas we live with today. Regular attendees have long been referred to as the Davos Man.

The influencers are the aristocrats: one part aristocrat; One part bureaucracy. Both are fascinated by power and are involved. These are the “cool kids” in the global high school cafeteria.

Over the past year, they’ve been behind every single idea that’s driven us crazy.

Lockdowns and vaccine passports? This is supported by the Davos crowd. The North American subsidiary of the World Economic Forum is headquartered in New York and San Francisco. Both cities were the first to impose vaccine requirements on businesses.

Davos is promoting a startup called COVID Pass. They want to make biometric IDs, which are not hackable by blood. That’s right, blood. Xi Jinping has called for biometric permits to allow free movement in the epidemic caused by his country. It is enough that the forum supports it.

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink is the Davos man. Fink was recently called up on CNBC’s Squawk Box for his hypocrisy about China regarding climate change. I understand Fink. He wants to be in China now that BlackRock doesn’t need to partner with a Chinese money manager. It is a huge market for wealth management. BlackRock can recommend inventory of Chinese wind, solar and electric vehicles to local residents. Everything will be forgiven.

Davos is full of contradictions.

Their manifesto calls for a level playing field and competition (with a tribute to China). She advocates for human rights abuse in our supply chains.

This takes us to Davos Man’s favorite media company – Disney. Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, is part of the Davos Universe and Disney is an example of those contradictions. The film depicted the lively Mulan movement in Xinjiang, home to thousands of Muslims living in captivity. Of all the places you choose in China, how stupid would you choose Xinjiang?

The Davos man has captured the most famous stars of Western Europe. Germany will not allow you to do anything without COVID permits.

People in France and Italy are protesting the requirements for a non-immune COVID vaccine. Davos bosses don’t care about speaking man. They do not like democracy. Democracy brings Brexit. Democracy brings trade wars.

We say CCP is our problem. Without the influx of money from multinational corporations in the Davos universe, CCP is a paper tiger. The latest hypersonic missile? We helped fund that. Vanguard and BlackRock were investors in Chinese military companies until President Biden banned them from doing so effective August 2.

Defenders of central control live the Davos mentality. We can support justice and sustainability. But not with these guys in control we can’t. They are not an authoritative voice for a free people. They are, instead, the scourge of the new Earth.

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