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Retailers line store shelves with props to ‘hide supply shortages’

Americans are waking up to the fact that shortages of everyday products like ice cream, frozen foods, soda, chicken, spices, coffee, fish sticks, snacks and toilet paper are emerging across the country as supply chains remain severely crowded 19 months after the virus epidemic first emerged. Instead of leaving some store shelves bare, which can lead to fear and panic buying among consumers, some stores line their empty shelves with stale items to appear as full as possible.

A little over a week ago, the hashtag #EmptyShelvesJoe was one of the hottest trends across Twitter but was quickly squashed by the Twitter police. People from all over the country have gone to local supermarkets and large outlets to point out how the supply chain has left store shelves bare.

Retailers have since panicked, and social media users are now noting that some store shelves are lined with individual items to “hide a short supply”.

One user tweeted an image of what appear to be single boxes of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese lining multiple shelves.

One of the most astonishing attempts to maintain the look that says all is well was when a retailer placed several aisles on either side of the aisles with dozens and dozens of folding chairs.

Some on Twitter explained that this is just a bit of “front-end” merchandise for retailers which means they bring everything to the fore to make the store look as full as possible.

What’s worrying is that retailers are running out of items, and it’s all too clear now that crowded supply chains may signal that some products won’t be available in time for the holidays. It’s okay if stores run out of PlayStations and Nerf Blasters, but if shelves in the food sections start popping up – this can be a huge problem.

Do you remember what happened in the Soviet Union before the collapse?

Right now, retailers are creating the appearance that all is well, so empty store shelves don’t trigger panic buying that could strain supplies even more.

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