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Transporeon partners with ZeKju to communicate without apps

October 21, 2021

Europe’s leading digital charging platform transporion Completed its strategic investment in ZeKju. By joining forces, Transporeon and ZeKju will offer digital, but application-free and GDPR-compliant communications to facilitate exchange between shippers, carriers and logistics providers.

ZeKju takes advantage of popular messaging apps like Telegram, Viber and WhatsApp, eliminating the need for drivers to install more than 10 apps on their phones. With ZeKju, freight forwarders and carriers can close digital white spots and significantly reduce process costs. ZeKju’s main application areas include digital transmission of transportation information to drivers, communication of operational changes between interested parties and real-time Proof of Delivery (POD) collection.

Additionally, logistics players benefit from the GPS tracking capabilities that the tool offers. Especially now carriers that do not have suitable communication systems can automatically connect their locations via the ZeKju app. For Transporeon, combined with the Transporeon Sixfold real-time vision solution, ZeKju’s integration complements corporate network capabilities in real time. With ZeKju, visibility during transportation becomes available for all modes of transportation.

Moreover, ZeKju’s capabilities combined with access to truck data make it possible to calculate key environmental indicators such as fuel consumption in transportation. This ability is key for companies that aim to reduce the carbon footprint of their transportation but lack climate data.

Stefan Sieber, CEO of Transporeon, commented, “With ZeKju, we are providing our customers with an additional key solution to achieve network enabled in real time. It is a huge step forward towards bridging the remote gap for freight forwarders and carriers as ZeKju also enables offline customers to connect to the telecom network. Remote benefit from visibility in transit. Fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and with the ability to provide remote data to calculate key environmental indicators, ZeKju can also make an important contribution for our customers to reach their sustainability goals.”

Hendrik Rosenbaum, CEO of ZeKju, added: “Transporeon is the perfect partner to make the benefits of our tool available to even more logistics professionals. We are pleased to work with such a strong partner and become an integral part of the functions offered by the Transporeon Network.”

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